U-20 Women’s World Cup Features An Emotional Meeting Between Twin Sisters On Opposing Sides

Twin sisters Sabrina and Monica Flores achieved a remarkable feat in and of itself by both playing at the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup. What’s even more sensational is the fact that Sabrina represents the USA while her twin sister plays for Mexico. Accordingly, the two squared off in the tournament quarterfinals. 

Will Donald Trump's Presidency Impact The Future of Women's Soccer?

If Hillary Clinton was elected president, we all know she would have helped America move closer to women’s rights and equality. But Donald Trump won the election instead. So, what does this mean for women’s soccer? Will Trump continue to insult and treat women poorly? Will his presidency create a bigger gap between the two genders? Will we move further away from equal pay? It hasn’t even been 48 hours and we already have so many questions…

How Professional Soccer Stars Balance World Cups And Motherhood

Female athletes have to deal with the physical side of becoming a parent. Male athletes do not have to worry or stress about their bodies changing over time, they are able to fully focus on their careers. Men don’t breastfeed, these female soccer players make a living with their bodies, which makes it even more impressive for them to return to the game they love after giving birth.

Christie Rampone, Amy Rodriguez and Shannon Boxx were able to find a balance between World Cups and motherhood. “If you love what you do, you’ll stay true.”

The USWNT Has A Diversity Problem That Impacts All American Soccer

Is there a diversity problem in women’s soccer? As other sports have made strides to include players of all ethnicities, most youth, college and professional women’s soccer teams in the USA are still mainly comprised of white players.

This lack of diversity has led organizations to try and overcome the problem, and over the past few years, strides have been made to make the sport more inclusive, but it just doesn’t seem to have come far enough.

Barriers To Diversity

The USWNT's Fastest Debut Goal Record Was Broken For The Second Time In 4 Days

USWNT debutants are scoring so fast we can't even keep up.

Remember on Wednesday when Lynn Williams scored 49 seconds into her debut broke the USWNT record for fastest debut goal? How long ago that seems.

Sunday, playing Switzerland for the second time in a week, the USWNT handed a debut to 24-year-old Kealia Ohai, who promptly broke Williams' record, scoring 48 seconds into her USWNT career.

The USWNT beat Switzerland, who will be happy to be rid of the Yanks for a while, 5-1.

Carli Lloyd Reveals Retirement Plans

We recently found out that soccer has caused Carli Lloyd a lot of family drama and strained relationships over the years, but now she might be ready to put soccer aside and focus on her family. 

Carli Lloyd Reveals How Soccer Ambitions Led To A Family Fall Out

When one wants something more than anything in the world, one has to make sacrifices. This is especially the case for professional athletes.

International Soccer Shows The Touchy History Of National Anthems

If you haven’t turned on a television, listened to the radio, picked up a newspaper, scrolled through Twitter or checked Facebook in the last few weeks, let me get you up to speed: the national anthem is a BIG deal. 

America’s “Star-Spangled Banner” became everyone’s favorite hot-take after San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began kneeling during the anthem in protest of racial inequality and, more specifically, the treatment of African Americans in the United States. 

Abby Wambach Says Her Arrest Is One Of The Best Things To Ever Happen To Her

After Abby Wambach was pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants in Portland, Oregon on April 2, 2016, she took full responsibility for her actions.

In a recent interview, Wambach admitted to abusing alcohol and prescription drugs during her soccer career.

Megan Rapinoe's Protest Is Here To Stay

September 15, the USWNT dominated Thailand 9-0 in Columbus, Ohio. It was the first time we saw star player Megan Rapinoe kneel-down as the rest of the players and stadium admired America by standing for the national anthem. Rapinoe did not start in the game against Thailand for reasons that are unknown. This week Rapinoe continued her protest by kneeling during the national anthem before the USA beat the Netherlands 3-1.