Ronaldo Bought A Ridiculously Expensive Apartment In The Trump Towers

Cristiano Ronaldo is one step closer to coming to America. In fact, he technically lives here. Well, he owns a place that he could theoretically live in and that place is located in the United States. 

The New York Post reported that Ronaldo has purchased an $18.5 million apartment in the Trump Towers in New York. 

This has, obviously, fueled speculation that Ronaldo will move to the United States to play in MLS when his Real Madrid contract is up in 2018. 

Two Ghanaian Brothers Taking the EPL by Storm

The Premier League has brought in a lot of players this offseason with plenty who show promise of filling the boots of those who have left England. Two players in particular, Jordan and Andre Ayew, are newcomers this year and are looking for anyway to put their names up in headlines. Just like the Toure or Wright-Phillips brothers before, the two Ayew brothers bring a sibling rivalry to the league that is one to watch for.   

Roma Set To Terminate Ashley Cole Early

Sometimes, you just need to know when to quit while you’re on top. 

For Ashley Cole, this could have been valuable advice when he was entering his last year with Chelsea before signing to Roma. After a long season of awkwardly fitting in with his new Italian club, Roma has decided to terminate Cole’s contract a year early. 

Sergio Ramos To Enter New Contract Negotiations With Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos is set to sign a new contract with Real Madrid, according to reports featured by ESPN, after negotiations take place on Thursday.  

Ramos has been the subject of repeated rumors linking him with a move to Manchester United. In fact, the cavalcade of gossip this month has been so much that anyone not initiated with tittle-tattle of a transfer window might actually believe that a transfer to the Red Devils is closer to happening than not.

Can Summer Transfers Lift These 3 Mid-Table Clubs Into Top Four Contention?

The summer transfer window in England is usually syncopated by splashy arrivals at Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and/or either of the Manchester powerhouses. But with lucrative TV deals in place, clubs a little further down the Premier League table now have the resources to woo the most talented footballers to England.  

Are Manchester City About To Wreck United’s Move for Pedro?

While the brain trust at The18 has long argued that Manchester United have more pressing personnel matters to deal with at the other end of the pitch, Louis van Gaal has been insistent since United’s pre-season tour of America that what he needs most is “speed and creativity” up front.

Is Roberto Firmino The New Midfielder Liverpool Needs?

Liverpool have a very exciting year set out before them with new players, new attitudes, and a high chance of succeeding in Europe. Roberto Firmino is one of many new additions to the Liverpool squad that has excited fans to watch the link-ups between him and his Brazilian compatriot Philippe Coutinho.  

Are Manchester United About To Sell Chicharito To West Ham?

West Ham have put in a bid for Manchester United striker Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, according to The Daily Star. The Star reported that the club have already had an 8.5 million pound bid rejected, and the new bid will be somewhere in the range of 12 million pounds.

Is Xherdan Shaqiri The Last Piece Of The Puzzle For Stoke City?

For the past seven seasons, Stoke City have showed why they deserved to be part of the Premier League.

Angel Di Maria Writes Open Letter, Says He Is “Really Sorry” For United Flop

Angel Di Maria has written an open letter to Manchester United after having completed his big money move to Paris Saint-Germain, ostensibly in order to smooth things over with a fan base that holds him in just slightly higher regard than Radamel Falcao, which is to say it doesn’t like him. 

The letter is professional, and makes it clear that he is really sorry for failing to live up to expectations. 

To Manchester United: