MLS Has The Worst Jerseys Of Any League In The World

Football kits bridge performance and lifestyle like no other sporting attire. Without even knowing what they’re wearing, only knowing that it looks fly as hell, you see people walking around in the famed blaugrana stripes of Barcelona, the white sleeves of Arsenal or the historic bianconeri shirt of Juventus. They're really the only sports garments you can wear outside the stadium without looking like a child trapped inside the body of a demented adult. 

The Glorious Kits Of AFCON 2017

After the smattering of originality at Euro 2016 thanks to a series of cookie cutter kits from Nike, the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations looks to be a romantic affair for jersey lovers. These are the best selections of what national sides like Senegal, Cameroon and the Ivory Coast will be wearing in Gabon.

Cristiano Ronaldo Would Like Your Help In Choosing A Watch

Cristiano Ronaldo would like everyone's help choosing a watch, because companies just send him sh*t to wear and then send him money to tweet inane tweets about their products.

Case in point:

Footballers Who Have Their Own Fashion Brands Or Lines

Football and fashion go hand in hand. Since the playing days of George Best, Pele and Johan Cruyff, we've always looked to footballers for the latest in style. Here are 13 footballers, both male and female, that have their own fashion lines or collections.

10 Last-Minute Soccer Gifts You Can Buy On Amazon Prime

We're going to do you a big favor. We know that, right now, you are panicking because you haven't figured out what to get that special someone for Christmas / her birthday / Valentine's Day / graduation / insert whatever holiday you want here.

No matter what the holiday, the ten gifts below are perfect for the soccer lover in your life.

Xabi Alonso Has An Impressive Collection Of Watches

"Inside Mr Xabi Alonso's Impressive Watch Collection" — is there a less-surprising video title on Youtube?

Look at that man. This man has different watches for different occasions, and not like a nice watch for fancy occasions, a regular watch for everyday use and a crappy one for outdoor activities. 

Xabi Alonso's watch collection is more along the lines of "this one's for galas in Spain and this one's for galas in Germany and this one's for galas in England and this one's for awards ceremonies and this one's for garden parties."