Skill Videos

Heading To Score

A great technique for putting a score on the board, this skill is effective when the ball is in the air near the goal. First you want to face the goal and head the ball down at the highest point of your jump with the middle of your forehead—while using the power from your legs and muscles. Then head the ball harder than the speed at which it comes at you and watch it all the way with your eyes. Just make sure not to over aim or steer into the corners—or you’ll lower your chances of making a score.

Back Foot 180

The back foot 180 is a great technique for shifting direction fast—horizontally or vertically—and allows you to dribble away after receiving. Start by looking over your shoulder, stay low and balanced, and receive with your back foot while turned halfway in the direction you want to go. It’s key to maintain control of the ball at all times and have a clear view of what’s in front so you are ready to transition to your next move.

Instep Driven Ball

This instep drive is really effective for quick delivery of the ball to a teammate—especially if you're a defender or midfielder. It works whether you’re kicking the ball hard along the ground or slightly up in the air. For the drive itself, you need to keep your toe down, ankle locked, and strike with the laces of your kicking foot in order to maximize power. Having a small back swing and low follow through is key to success. You can also elevate the quality of your pass by making sure your technique is super smooth.

Drag & Scissor

The Drag & Scissor is a direct to goal move that gives you the skills to fool the last defender so you can get a shot off. It gets executed by dragging the ball with the outside of your right foot, then quickly stepping over with your left foot while looking across your body so the defender is left confused. The combination of these two tricks will stop the defender in their tracks and give you an opportunity to take a shot. Just remember that you need a lot of confidence in addition to enough time and space to pull of this move with success.


A highly technical 1v1 move that’s great for making space to get a shot off, the Elastico is high risk but has the potential for big reward. It’s a two-touch move than can be executed whether the ball’s on the ground or in the air. First you flip soft to the outside foot, then cut hard with the inside foot while using your shoulders and arms to convince the defender you’re cutting the other way. The Elastico is often used near the penalty box because it can help psych out your opponents during a game and create time for the shot or assist. 


When a defender is approaching fast, the Beardsley is the perfect 1v1 move for quickly changing pace and breaking away. It works by faking an extreme cut across your body with your non-dribbling foot, then using your hips to swivel back to your dribbling foot and make it believable.  The amount of space and time you is what should determine how much you exaggerate the cut. The Beardsley is a thinking players move that’s especially effective for a winger who’s marked by a fast defender.


The Rivelino (or stepover) is a great 1v1 skill for fooling the defender so you can create space to make your next move. It involves an exaggerated step over with your right foot from outside to inside, then a tap with the outside of your same foot in the other direction. To make the fake convincing, use your upper body and eyes so the defender takes the bait—and make sure you’re a minimum of a yard away or the ball might being poked of your control. When executed successfully, the Rivelino gives you a chance to take a quick power shot in a game.


When a defender is chasing you down and doesn’t have time to change direction, the Maradona is a great 1v1 move for spinning out of pressure fast. It involves putting your foot on top of the ball, pulling back while spinning your body 180 degrees, then passing to your other foot while spinning 180 more degrees. The key is creating a wide spin on the ball (versus a tight pirouette) so the defender lunges and doesn’t have time to move the other way. While it takes a lot of balance and athleticism to pull off, the Maradona is a move that rarely allows the defender to get the ball.


The Cruyff is a physical 1v1 skill that can really sell the fake when you’re tight on space and want to explode with the ball. Executing the move involves swinging your arm in the windup, turning your body as if you’re about to strike, and suddenly changing direction—all while focusing on your “fake” target. It’s key to protect the ball by keeping your body between the ball and the defender. When you need to get a shot off at the top of the 18, the Cruyff gives you a powerful technique to use.


The scissor is a useful 1v1 dribbling skill you can use to fake out the defender when you need time to pass, shoot or explode. It works by taking an exaggerated step over the ball with your left foot and leaning your body in that direction, then quickly cutting the ball with the outside of your right foot so you can surge forward in the opposite direction. It’s great for fooling the defender so you can break away and create space. Players often break out the scissor when they already have a plan in place to execute their next move.