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This Joshua Kimmich Analysis Is A Brilliant Watch For Any Wide Player

It says everything about Joshua Kimmich’s ability that when he’s described as the heir to Philipp Lahm at the right back position for both Bayern Munich and Germany, no one bats an eye. 

The 24-year-old has captured the Bundesliga title in each of his three full seasons with Bayern, and he shares Lahm’s Cruyffian quality of being able to play pretty much anywhere while still being the best player on the pitch.

The Secret Behind Lionel Messi’s Devastating Dribbling Style

Juan Roman Riquelme, the legendary Argentinian midfielder, replied once on TV when asked about Leo Messi: “I’m not completely sure Messi is human. I have never seen a person that runs faster with the ball at his feet than without it. Messi does. How can you do that? Think about it, it doesn’t make sense.”

How many times have we heard things like this?