Mason Mount Is More Instrumental To Chelsea’s Future Than Christian Pulisic

Mason Mount is a promising player that's already on the world's radar despite being just a 22-year-old. Mount is a regular starter for Chelsea, and more than that, he's WhoScored's best-rated player for the Blues so far this season. 

I’m Sick Of People Complaining About VAR/Offside Calls, So I’ve Got A Solution: Eliminate The Rule Altogether

It’s rare that a Premier League game has gone by this season where the announcers, players, fans or even the referees themselves haven’t complained about an offside call. With VAR, offside calls are calculated with more precision than ever before, but lovers of the beautiful game still aren’t happy with the offside rule.

I’ve got a solution: get rid of the whole offside rule altogether.

Wait, wait, hear me out.

I Wish The Pelé Documentary Was 5 Hours Longer (Or 30 Minutes Shorter)

We live in a golden age of soccer documentaries. From the “Diego Maradona” documentary in 2019 to Amazon’s All or Nothing series and Netflix’s “Sunderland ‘Til I Die,” soccer fans have never had so many great inside looks at the players and clubs we’ve watched on the pitch for all our lives.

Kits Of Shame: We Examine The Worst Soccer Jerseys Of 2020

If this year's soccer kits seemed even worse than usual, it's because they were.

Every kit release is accompanied by internet outlash and general dissatisfaction. You can say that Twitter trolls are a factor, but the fact is that the quality of soccer kit designs is steadily declining.

The FIFA 21 Reviews Are Here — Is The Game Worth Your Money?

FIFA 21 officially releases worldwide on Friday, Oct. 9, but anyone who ordered the Ultimate or Champions editions, as well as those provided early access codes by EA Sports, are now free to play the game. With the early reviews arriving, is FIFA 21 worth it?  

The elephant in the room is the situation faced by video game developers over the course of the ongoing pandemic. I’ve got huge respect for Pro Evolution Soccer’s decision to admit that PES 2021 is nothing more than a “season update” with the latest lineups, kits, etc. and a reduced retail price of $29.99. 

Let's Check In On The Premier League's Promoted Sides

The English Premier League is set to return June 17 and there's still a great deal to play for at both ends of the table.

The EPL's three promoted sides — Sheffield United, Norwich City and Aston Villa — find themselves at each end of the standings. The Blades are remarkably eyeing a spot in Europe, while Norwich and Villa are fighting for EPL survival.

These teams provide three unique models on how to avoid relegation. Each club took a distinct approach last summer to transfer spending and squad retainment as they hoped to achieve Premier League sucess.

The 18 Best Soccer Gifts For Kids (2019-2020 Guide)

Soccer is increasingly a young person’s game. More and more focus is being put on youth soccer to create the next Lionel Messi, Christian Pulisic or Mallory Pugh. So what do you give as a gift for the budding soccer star in your life? We here at The18 have put together a list of the 18 best soccer gifts for kids to answer just that question.