Quiz: Can You Guess If These Crazy Soccer Stats Are True?

A stat crossed my timeline the other day showing that Lionel Messi has 35 goals from direct free kicks for Barcelona over the last decade. That in and of itself is impressive, but perhaps even more extraordinary is the fact that Messi's free kick total is higher than any other club in Europe's top five leagues during that span.

Quiz: Can You Figure Out Why This Poor 16-Year-Old Was Subbed Off After 15 Seconds?

A player’s debut is a day they will never forget. A first taste of the action. The moment when their name is up in lights and the world knows they have arrived. Young players take in every second. Unfortunately for 16-year-old Lauri Suup his one shining moment lasted 15 seconds.

Quiz: Can You Guess What The Angered Soccer Player Yelled During The Match

The permanent return of fans in stadiums is yet to be certain. Until it is safe for spectators to be in stadiums, viewers at home are either stuck with phantom ghosts chanting down on players or get the real treat of hearing the players speak.

In this quiz you will be given three situations that a player is faced with and then choose from three different options for how the player reacted. Only one of the answers will be correct.

To start off we actually go back to a time before coronavirus had ruined everything, six years ago, at the 2014 World Cup.

QUIZ: Can You Name This Mystery Player?

Players often play at the highest level for several years and then slip away into the lower leagues, away from the public eye, and disappear under a shroud of irrelevancy. See if you can guess which player this is from the clues given.

Quiz: Can You Name This Soccer Player? 

Clue 1: This midfielder started his career in Brazil. When he played for Cruzeiro, he was known as the “Blue Kenyan” because of his incredible stamina.