Eerie Photos From Barcelona’s Match Played Behind Closed Doors

Two goals from Lionel Messi and one from Sergio Busquets saw Barcelona defeat Las Palmas 3-0 on Sunday to maintain their perfect record in league play after seven matches.

You Won't Believe The Level Of Detail In These FIFA 18 Stadiums

EA Sports will release its flagship football game next week, but we got a sneak peak at some of the FIFA 18 stadiums that will be included in the new edition — including four brand new to the game — and they are absolutely breathtaking.

10 Truly Bizarre Stadium Features That You’ll Need To Sample

Ah, the modern stadium. As the governor of St. Louis so eloquently put it, “welfare for millionaires.” In place of standing-room only paddocks exposed to inclement weather, we now have free universal wi-fi, luxury suites that place you next to the players and concession prices that’ll cause your rent check to bounce.

Fan-tastic. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Some features of modern stadiums are simply breathtaking or incredibly well-reasoned. Alas, some older grounds also boast truly unique features that make them a cut above the rest of the cookies. 

15 Wild Photos Of Finland's Swamp Soccer World Championships

In a recent New York Times article by Andrew Keh, the writer delved into the strange but fascinating world of Finnish sports. One famous event Keh chronicled is the Swamp Soccer World Championships, a 20-year-old competition that now draws more than 2,000 people annually.

Boca Reveal Bombonera Upgrade That Every Club Should Be Forced To Have

Boca Juniors celebrated their 32nd Primera Division title on Sunday with a 2-1 victory over Union de Santa Fe. They finished seven points above hated rival River Plate, and to add insult to injury, they unveiled a clock displaying and tracking their 112+ years of unrelegated existence.