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The Most Iconic Tattoos In The World Of Soccer

As soon as Lionel Messi went for broke on his own body art, we knew that we’d reached peak tattoo in the world of soccer. The juxtaposition between Messi’s wholesome demeanor and his body modification might’ve been keenly felt by your grandmother, who now firmly believes that Messi lives on the edge of society, but tattoos are obviously less of a form of deviance and more of an accepted form of expression in today’s world. 

The Rise And Fall Of Adriano

At the height of his powers, Brazilian striker Adriano was an unstoppable force. Combing strength, size and technique, Adriano was a regular for the Brazilian national team while dominating in Italy’s Serie A. However, his battle with weight, addiction and personal loss ultimately curtailed his short career.

Messi's Career In Photos

Looking back at his career, Lionel Messi must sometimes marvel at the stupendous fairy tale of his own life. Born to two factory workers in a town known (before Messi) for industry alone, he has risen into a stratosphere unimaginable to most – certainly to a quiet, diminutive boy from Roasario, Argentina.

We take a look here at his life in pictures, from his humble origins to his current status as perhaps the greatest player of all time.

This Is Noukie: The Footballer So Easy To Love We’ve Forgotten How To Like

When I was told to write a profile of Dutch footballer Anouk Hoogendijk, a defender for Ajax’s women's team, that emphasized why people would like her, I thought: impossible.

She doesn’t know her place. She has won the Dutch women’s league twice with Saestum, the Dutch cup once with FC Utrecht, and the FA cup once with the Arsenal Ladies.

Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic Actually Jeff Samardzija?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is flashy; he's eccentric, talented, and brash, but is he also a dual sports star? Potentially that is the case.

Have you have ever set eyes on Major League Baseball's Jeff Samardzija? At first glance when you see both men you can't help but notice a striking resemblance. Go ahead and judge for yourself.