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We’re Still Trying To Wrap Our Heads Around The 18 Most Oddly Boring Instagram Posts From Famous Footballers

Whether it’s scenic selfies, adorable dog pics or extremely manicured photos of food, Instagram is the place for people to show off how much better their life is than everyone else’s. Soccer players are no different, with many of the world’s biggest stars using the social media platform to highlight the high life. But some soccer Instagram posts, unfortunately, are more boring than a 0-0 draw between West Brom-Stoke.

Spirit of Football: The Journey Of The World Cup's Olympic Torch

During a World Cup year, you are going to hear hundreds of amazing stories from across the planet. Like how Gabriel Jesus was painting the streets of Rio during the last World Cup and is now a vital part of the Selecao. Or how Mohamed Salah has captured the hope of an entire nation and helped send Egypt to the World Cup for the first time since before I was born (1990 for those wondering).

10 Photos Of Goalkeepers And Defenders Celebrating Doing Defense Together

Who says attackers get to have all the fun in soccer? Defenders and goalkeepers are just as passionate about their craft, sometimes even more so. These 10 photos show a cool block or similar defensive thing can elicit just as much emotion as a Puskas-worthy goal.

Lionel Messi's Hair And Beard Through The Years

As Lionel Messi has grown more adult, so has his hair. Except for that blonde thing a while back. We'll get to that. Anyway, Messi's hair and beard have gradually mutated from a clean-shaven, moppy-haired boyish look to a bearded, crew-cutted mannish look. Let's take a look at how this transformation came about:

The Rowdiest World Cup Fan Photos Of All-Time

The most wonderful thing about the World Cup is that it’s a carnival. Not in the modern “Oh, this is a great opportunity to get Instagram photos and pretend I’m a famous person” sense of the word, but more like the medieval “Let’s reverse all our social roles, suspend our norms about desired behavior, lose our everyday individuality and experience a heightened sense of social unity while pouring libations” understanding. 

The Most Photogenic Footballers Left In The Champions League

There are eight teams left in the UEFA Champions League, and also eight of the most photogenic footballers in the world. Don't believe us? Take a look:

A Photographic Journey Through The Career Of Our Lord And Savior, Landon Donovan

Landon Donovan receives a lot of abuse for his playing career, and if you forget World Cups, the fact that he signed for Bayer Leverkusen as a teenager, the well-deserved accolade of having the MLS MVP award named after him, his successful loan moves with Everton, his hugely influential 14-year spell with the national team and his joyfully direct play, then he totally deserves all the criticism that comes his way.

The 15 Most Expensive World Cup Stadiums Of The 21st Century

The dawning of the 21st century saw a massive shift with regards to FIFA World Cup stadia. For example, when West Germany hosted the 1974 World Cup, the majority of the matches were played in existing stadiums built for a variety of purposes. They all had running tracks and were built in the 30s and nobody cared. 

24 Candid Photos Of Soccer's Most Famous Families

There’s always something fantastic about the last day of the season, when, having successfully avoided relegation or perhaps even won something, footballers are joined on the pitch by their families in the brilliant spring sunshine. Social media has given us a glimpse into the lives of professional athletes, but there’s something poignantly visceral about these pitchside moments. 

Perhaps it has to do with the famous Bobby Robson quote about what exactly a club is supposed to represent: 

These Are Hands Down The Coolest World Cup Jerseys Of All Time

There have been so many great World Cup jerseys in the tournament's 88-year history that it's hard to make a list. However, we chose some of the most stunning kits, for each taking into consideration its originality, beauty and representation of a country's culture and soccer tradition.

Read on and let us know: which is your favorite jersey and/or which ones did we miss?

The Best World Cup Jerseys Of All Time

USSR 1966