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Ranking The Most Popular Sports In The World

What are the most popular sports in the world?

Sports, tactical games that we have created and engaged in for centuries, have been one of the major driving forces of what makes and keeps us human. Whether it is the perfect spiral thrown 60 yards or the buoyant header that reaches the corner of the net, every single sport provides the same roller coaster of emotions, the same high-spirited crowd of fans and the same rush of adrenaline that comes along with the ultimate sense of competition.

Hilarious And Scary World Cup Final Lookalikes That Will Make You Go Hmm...

The World Cup is coming to an end and with the final approaching, we have created a compilation of some of the players who will be playing in this monumental event.

With fewer players involved, it is important to focus on being able to quickly identify who the French and the Croatian players are. With France being back in the World Cup final for the first time since Zinedine Zidane's headbutt in 2006, this game might be one for the record books. Croatia too has an enormous historical weight on this tiny country's shoulders.

Watch Liverpool Fans React To The Champions League Final As It Unfolds

Liverpool fans came in numbers to the 2018 Champions League final in Kiev. There were also plenty of fans who couldn’t make the game and watched from Anfield. Come the full time whistle, no matter where they watched, Liverpool fans were understandably upset about the result. And many Liverpool fan reactions were caught on camera.

These Big-Name Celebrities Attended The 2014 World Cup; Might They Return In Russia?

Every four years billions of fans worldwide watch the World Cup, one of the largest sporting events in the world. Some are lucky enough to attend the much-coveted event. Those who actually go to the great stadiums are indeed soccer fans of all shapes and sizes, all nationalities, genders, ages and, of course, the spectrum of socio-economic groups. Fans range from the average Joe who has been saving up for his ticket for years, to celebrities at the World Cup, plus politicians and the wealthy elite who attend to be part of this spectacular experience and also have a passion for the game.

These 18 Pro Footballer's Celebrity Doppelgängers Will Blow Your Mind

Even though it is rare to actually have an identical twin, we often have that person who exists in the world that looks like us. That long lost almost twin who looks somehow like we were separated at birth. We've done some digging and found these unsuspecting professional footballer celebrity doppelgängers. Below are 18 pairs of twins that will make your head spin.

Russia World Cup Stadiums: A Guide To Every 2018 Venue

When the World Cup comes around it’s always fun and sad at the same time to look at the unreal stadiums being built for the event. Fun because these structures really are a sight to be seen. Sad because is it really necessary to spend billions of dollars and risk lives for Russia World Cup stadiums that could possibly be abandoned after the tournament?