Premier League Stars Flock To NBA Game In London Despite Crap Teams

With the NBA in London, you knew footballers would show up just like last year — even if the league sent two of its worst teams overseas.

The Washington Wizards played the New York Knicks on Thursday evening at the O2 Arena in London. No one really cares who won or lost seeing as they’re a combined 31 games under .500. But we care which Premier League stars came out to see the tall men shoot balls into tiny hoops.

Neymar Hair Through The Years: The Latest Is Either His Best Or Worst

Professional footballers are well known for having wild hairstyles, from David Beckham’s fauxhawk to whatever Paul Pogba decides to do with his hair today. Brazilians in particular have a history of outlandish haircuts, such as Ronaldo’s bizarre ’do at the 2002 World Cup. But this latest Neymar hair is really something.