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I genuinely don’t understand the visceral hatred toward the 2023 Women’s World Cup on social media

The 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand is only seven months away from kicking off. For the first time in history the tournament is expanding to 32 teams meaning the format will be identical to the men’s most recent edition.

Exciting, right? Not if you checked the comment sections and a plethora of posts on social media.

There’s a huge amount of despise and hatred toward the women’s game on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Here’s the thing I don’t understand: why?

Ooops! TV reporter says the World Cup third-place game will be played at the Mia Khalifa stadium

A Mexican TV reporter covering the 2022 World Cup has become viral after a funny slip of the tongue involving influencer and former adult entertainer Mia Khalifa.

Roberto Lopez Olvera from Grupo Imagen was on live TV talking about the third-place game between Croatia and Morocco when he mistakenly rebranded the Khalifa International Stadium – the venue of the match – as the Mia Khalifa Stadium.

This is the Khalifa Stadium.

El llanto de Vanessa Huppenkothen tras la eliminación de México

Antes del Mundial, la opinión generalizada en la afición era que México se devolvería a casa sin poder pasar la fase de grupos. Y si bien la realidad cumplió con ese pesimismo, esto no evitó que la gente se sintiera con el corazón roto una vez sellada la eliminación. 

Sobre todo por la forma con la que el equipo se despidió, jugando su mejor partido y peleando hasta el pitazo final.

Martino le dijo que no, pero la novia le dio el sí: Bebote Giménez anunció que se casa

Santiago Giménez se quedó fuera de la convocatoria de México para el Mundial de Catar y el "no" del entrenador Gerardo Martino le dolió hasta los huesos. Bebote, sin embargo, dio vuelta la página y ahora celebra un "sí" mucho más importante en su vida: le propuso matrimonio a su novia, la actriz Fernanda Serrano, y ella aceptó.

Security guard almost ruins soccer player's marriage proposal by shoving the bride-to-be

Imagine you are kneeling to propose to your girlfriend and suddenly, a security guard comes into the scene and pushes her aggressively, ruining the romantic mood. Well, something like that happened in a game in the second division of Belarus when defender Vladislav Shubovich tried to pose the question after scoring a penalty in a game between FC Smorgon and Volna-Pinsk.

USMNT goalkeeper power rankings: Steffen's mistakes continue to compound

In three weeks, the USMNT begins its World Cup campaign in Qatar. Much is still to be decided for the final roster — especially at the goalkeeper position.

During the September international break (with Zack Steffen omitted as a precautionary measure as he recovered from injury), Matt Turner started against Japan and Saudi Arabia. Turner had a strong showing against Japan, and was arguably the top American performer that day, before having little to do in a dull match versus the Saudis in Spain.

The 18 Best Ted Lasso Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is the one time of year when it’s OK to dress up as sexy versions of random figures from pop culture and beg for candy and/or get completely wasted. But for those of you soccer fans who are a bit unsure of what to go as this year, we’ve got some Ted Lasso Halloween costume ideas just for you.

Rodolfo Pizarro le pone más empeño a un disfraz de The Joker que a su carrera como futbolista

El mediocampista de Monterrey, Rodolfo Pizarro, volvió a mostrar su obsesión con The Joker. El jugador, que suele celebrar goles con la sonrisa enfermiza del personaje, sorprendió a sus seguidores disfrazándose como el villano de Batman en medio de las fiestas de Halloween. 

Born in the Northeast: the forgotten history of soccer-specific stadiums in the U.S.

In 1862, a group known as the Oneida Football Club gathered at Boston Common for a historic function: the first recorded soccer match on American soil. Their match, which predated the formation of the English Football Association by a year, was a sign of things to come for soccer in the region.

The Northeastern United States became a hotbed for American soccer in the early 1900s, and the game thrived among the communities of European immigrants that populated the burgeoning industrial centers of the eastern seaboard.

The best FIFA World Cup™ items to gift this holiday seaso​​n

The FIFA World Cup™ is taking place in winter this year giving consumers the unique opportunity of having the world’s biggest competition overlap with the holiday shopping season – and companies the opportunity to gift jerseys, merchandise and much more to employees and customers.