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Flavors of Football: The Best Tex-Mex Frozen Margarita

In honor of our Texan-Mexican hero Ricardo Pepi, we are bringing you The Best Tex-Mex Frozen Margarita recipe!

Try it yourself! And be your own hero at your next USMNT watch party.


7oz tequila

3oz triple sec

3oz (fresh) lime juice

2oz agave

Add all ingredients to a blender. Fill blender full of ice. 

Blend until frothy. It should be icy but not watery. 

Pour and enjoy! Recipe serves 4 

700,000 People Watched Live As Cristiano Ronaldo Did Nothing Inside Of A Sauna

Cristiano Ronaldo not only breaks records when he scores a goal. Off the field, every time that he posts a photo or a video on Instagram, the internet explodes.

Numbers don't lie (they do, but shhh!), and here are two events that prove his popularity in the social network:

Chicote Calderón Presume Unos Ostentosos Tenis De Mickey Mouse Creados Por Gucci

Decir que a Cristian Calderón le gusta Mickey Mouse quizás sea una forma de subestimar los hechos. La verdad es que Chicote tiene una especie de obsesión con el roedor de Disney.

La muestra más clara es el tatuaje del personaje que tiene en su cuello, justo bajo la oreja derecha.

A Club Marked For Death: Derby County's Battle For Survival Being Fought On And Off The Pitch

After a chaotic final day of the 2020-21 EFL Championship campaign — during which Derby County was relegated, safe, relegated, then finally safe again, all within the space of 90 minutes — the Rams had secured their status as a Championship side.

At least that's what the final table said. The club still awaited judgment from the EFL regarding serious breaches of financial fair play regulations. In the end, the Rams were spared a points deduction and stayed in the second tier.

It Was A Big Week For Soccer Fans Who Own A Nintendo Switch

If you’re like our dear friend and colleague David Moore, you’re still playing Wii Sports every week on your dilapidated Wii, reliving the glory days of motion-control gaming. Or maybe you’ve still got that old GameCube working so you can play Super Mario Strikers when you grow tired of the FIFA grind. 

Otra Derrota Para El América: Chivas Lo Desplazó Como El Equipo Más Popular De México

Club América no solo pierde dentro de la cancha. A la racha de ocho partidos sin conocer la victoria, el equipo azulcrema ahora suma una derrota en las tribunas, ya que de acuerdo a un estudio del Grupo Mitofsky, Chivas acaba de desplazarlo como el equipo más popular de México.

Según los resultados, un 19,4 por ciento de los aficionados al fútbol en México se declaró Chivahermano, mientras que los americanistas se quedaron en un 19 por ciento.

USWNT Shows Off Amazing Team Chemistry With Hilariously Weird Game

One of the most important aspects of sports is impossible to quantify and nearly undefinable. Team chemistry is often underrated in professional sports, but there’s no doubt any team works better together when people like each other, whether it’s an office or one of the best soccer teams of all time. 

To paraphrase the Supreme Court justice Potter Stewart when asked to define pornography, you know team chemistry when you see it. And we definitely see it with the U.S. women’s national team. 

Over-Performing Underdogs: The "Burnleys" of European Football

Every league has that one team that isn't really all that good but just seems to hang around for far longer than they should. They don't spend much, they don't play entertaining football, and they never really win any big games. Yet when the season ends, they are always mid-table.

In the 2010s, that team in England was Wigan Athletic, as Roberto Martínez's brand of "Guerilla Soccer" kept an underfunded Latics side in the Premier League for eight years.

Minnows Making Moves: A Brief History Of Non-League Clubs To Reach The FA Cup Fifth Round

After six rounds of qualifying and three rounds of the competition proper, just two non-league sides remained among the 32 clubs still alive in the FA Cup Fourth Round.

After Kidderminster Harriers carried a lead into second-half injury time but couldn't earn the result against West Ham, Boreham Wood was left as the only remaining non-league side in the competition.

With a difficult trip to Bournemouth in store, it appeared to be the demise for fans of the underdog. Then, the inexplicable happened.