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Big Tackles And Buzz Cuts: Creating The Ultimate Brexit Ball XI

Since the advent of the sport in the 1800s, England and football have been intrinsically linked. This bond started with schoolboys on muddy fields, with the objective to get the ball from one end of the field to the other by any means necessary — no rules, no limit on numbers, only brute force.

Football has now evolved into an organized game; manicured, well-lined pitches, tidy uniforms, and 11 players on each side. Kicking the opponent was outlawed and shinguards were installed should a stray boot make contact with the tibia.

Sydney Leroux Has Perfectly Reasonable Response To Son Wearing Tottenham Kit

It’s not easy being a single mother. It’s even harder when you’re a professional athlete. But Sydney Leroux sure makes it look easy, or at least fun.

Preseason NWSL camps are less than a month away. With that in mind, Sydney Leroux was in the backyard getting in some training this week with her 5-year-old son, Cassius, who was sporting a full Tottenham kit. Leroux, a 31-year-old Orlando Pride forward and prime Mom of the Year candidate, did what any self-respecting parent would do upon seeing their offspring wearing Spurs colors: kick a ball straight at the kid’s head.

What If Europe Had Bowls Like College Football? It Would Be Dumb And Look Something Like This

When not disrupted by big daddy Omicron, college football bowl season is one of the greatest times of the year. There’s something about your team playing hundreds of miles away against a random opponent with an even more random brand slapped on to the name that brings so much joy. Who doesn’t love the Dollar General Bowl?

What if this wonderful season of sport was transferred to European club soccer? We could see magnificent spectacles like this in Europe if we went through with this idea.

Christen Press Shows Incredible Sportsmanship With Instagram Post On Her Birthday

While not quite as bad as 2020, 2021 was not exactly a great year. The Covid-19 pandemic still rages, providing daily disruptions to our lives, politics remained fucked as ever, preventing any real progress on issues of climate change or equity, and my favorite soccer teams all still suck. But an Instagram post featuring Christen Press and Tobin Heath may have just made the entire year worth it.

Carlos Salcedo Abre Un Alto Debate Gastronómico En Su Cuenta De Instagram

Entre posts que dan cuenta de sus sesiones de entrenamiento con Tigres, su incipiente carrera musical y su amor por Balenciaga, Carlos Salcedo compartió en sus historias de Instagram uno de sus curiosos gustos culinarios: sopa de fideos con banana.

Sí, leíste bien, sopa de fideos con banana. Y fideos en formas de letras para ser precisos, aunque seguramente el tipo de fideo es lo que menos importa.

Messi Despide El 2021 Convertido En Un Animal De La Cumbia

Aprovechando la pausa en la Ligue 1, Leo Messi escapó del frío y los cielos grises de Europa para pasar las fiestas de fin de año en su natal Rosario. Y ahí la vida es simple: con la familia, al lado de la piscina y con una buena dosis de cumbia y flúor.

No tengo un cronograma de lo que hace a diario, pero por las migas de pan que quedan en redes sociales, es claro que mientras haya sol Messi comparte con su esposa, Antonella Roccuzzo, y sus tres hijos junto a la alberca.

The Wheels Are In Motion For Daryl Dike's Return To England

One year ago, Daryl Dike was just another young American striker showing promise in MLS. Then a surprise last-minute loan ended Dike's off-season and sent him across the pond to EFL Championship side Barnsley.

Dike took to the English second tier as a Minnesota ice-fisherman takes to a frozen lake.

Johan Vásquez Y Su Novia Pasan Una Romántica Navidad En París

Como una moneda, el presente de Johan Vásquez en el Genoa tiene dos caras. Por un lado, el defensa mexicano ha logrado consolidarse como uno de los once titulares del equipo y hasta presume un gol entre sus estadísticas. Pero por el otro, el conjunto rossoblù vive una crisis de juego que lo tiene como candidato al descenso.

Another League Title, Another Rebuild For Norway's Most Captivating Club

Against all odds, Bodø/Glimt was just seconds away from a second consecutive Norwegian league title. Up 2-1 against SK Brann in the dying moments of injury time, Glimt just had to defend a desperation corner and they were league champions.

There would be no celebrations on that December day though, as an injury equalizer conceded against Brann prevented Glimt from sealing the Eliteserien championship on home turf.

With Brimming Optimism/Deafening Pessimism, Here Are The18’s 2022 Soccer Predictions

Of all the years in the 2020s, 2021 was probably the least bad one. Maybe. But worry not; 2022 can’t possibly be as bad as the first two years of the decade, right? According to our 2022 soccer predictions, it’s going to be the best year ever, or at least the best of the last three.