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Bidding War For U.S. Premier League TV Rights Just Got Even More Interesting

The U.S. Premier League TV rights bidding war just took a turn that is likely to benefit individual EPL clubs. The English Premier League is sending the bidding to a second round, a sign the league thinks it can squeeze even more money out of American broadcasters desperate for one of the hottest commodities in sports. It now appears the new U.S. Premier League TV rights owner (or potentially owners) will be decided next week.

USMNT vs. Mexico For Dummies — How To Explain Friday’s Match To Filthy Casuals

The biggest quadrennial men’s soccer game in America is on Friday. Chances are, you or someone you know has no idea what’s going on. That’s fine. We’re here to explain USA vs Mexico, to either help you explain what’s going on to your filthy casual friends or so you don’t look like the dummy to your buddies on Friday night. 

ESPN Has Entered The Fray For U.S. Premier League TV Rights

NBC’s eight-year grip on the U.S., English-language TV rights to the Premier League may be at an end. Who ends up with the next big rights package remains to be seen, but one of the biggest players in American sports broadcasting has entered the fray.

ESPN confirmed it has placed a bid for the rights to broadcast the English Premier League in the U.S. on Tuesday, saying soccer is very much a part of its plans for ESPN+ moving forward.

Gauging Home-Field Advantage: The USMNT's Record Versus Mexico By Location

Historically, Columbus, Ohio, has been the premier home fortress for the USMNT, with the Americans winning four of five international matches against Mexico at the home of the Columbus Crew. 

All four of these victories have come in the last two decades and all by a 2-0 scoreline, helping to cement the slogan "Dos a Cero" and signaling a new chapter in the history of the once-lopsided rivalry. 

English-Born Fullback Matty Cash Gets Surprise Call-Up From Different Country For Next Week's International Break

It's not uncommon for England-born footballers to represent other countries. The Republic of Ireland, Scotland, and Jamaica are just a few of the national sides with a decent proportion of English natives in their squads.

But a player from the outskirts of London suiting up for Poland? Now that's a new one. Yet that's exactly what happened to Matty Cash, who earned his first Poland call-up this week. Is Matty Cash Polish?

Game-Changer In A Can: The Foamy Backstory Of Soccer’s Vanishing Spray

"What is that white spray?" many fans wondered while watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Millions watched as referees used cans of aerosol foam to mark off 10 yards of space for free kicks, forcing defending players to stay behind the newly formed white line.

The spray disappeared from the turf within minutes, leading many to call it "vanishing spray." 

Since its invention more than 20 years ago, the foaming serum is now ubiquitous across major soccer leagues. But how did vanishing spray come to be?

The Best (And Worst) Of Celebrities Who Dressed As ‘Ted Lasso’ Characters For Halloween

To no one’s surprise, Ted Lasso costumes were some of the most popular outfits for Halloween this year. One of the best shows on TV (or whatever you call Apple TV+), “Ted Lasso” inspired everyone from little kids to celebrities and politicians to dress up as characters from the beloved series. 

Who wore it best? Who wore it worst? Here are our favorite — and one least favorite — Ted Lasso costumes from Halloween this weekend.

Cristiano Ronaldo Breaks Instagram Record With Announcement Girlfriend Is Pregnant With Twins

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most efficient finishers on the pitch. He’s apparently one of the most efficient finishers off the pitch. More Cristiano Ronaldo children are on the way after the Manchester United star’s latest announcement on Instagram, one that set a record for humans.