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Explaining The New Age-Limit Rules For Olympic Men's Soccer

Have you ever turned on men's soccer at the Olympics and wondered, "who the heck are these guys?" The two sides on the field usually consist of a few players you might have heard of before, along with a bunch of nobodies. Unlike other international tournaments like the World Cup or Copa América, only certain players are eligible to play because of a Olmypic soccer age limit — which FIFA put in place to delineate the Olympic tournament from the World Cup. 

5 Young Euro 2020 Standouts Who Deserve Big Transfers This Summer

International tournaments often seem like a red carpet event for the biggest names in world football, yet often the most intriguing players on the pitch are the up-and-coming stars, the b-listers of the footballing world, if you will.

Euro 2020 introduced us to a wide range of talented young players. Some were familiar by name and statistical output, but this was the first chance for them to prove themselves on such a large stage. Others were relative unknowns, ony entering the public footballing consciousness within the last month.

Chronicling The Strangest Strategies Goalkeepers Employ To Save Penalties

Soccer is unique in so many ways, and perhaps no play in all of sports is more meaningful than the penalty kick. 

Points are more scarce in soccer than they are in any other sport, and no other sport includes one play with such a high percentage chance of scoring.

A game that features 22 players on the pitch is condensed into a one-on-one battle for a few crucial seconds, and in the end, there are only two possible outcomes: either a goal is scored or the ball fails to cross the goal line — with the former being the most likely.

Did You Know That The Stadium Ads We’re Seeing On TV Aren’t Really There?

This is going to be old news for those who are so wise in the ways of science, but for the rest of us who read A Brief History of Time and felt their mind quickly passing the event horizon and falling into a black hole, get ready for a similar experience.

This video from Twitter user @UltraLinx was the genesis for our new way of looking at life, the universe and everything. There’s been a paradigm shift. 

Newcastle Legend Henri Saivet Finally Leaves The Club After Eight Appearances In Six Seasons

In football, as in life, sometimes it's better to be lucky than to be good. And if you were a decent French-speaking footballer in the first half of the 2010s, there was a chance that Newcastle United's bulging pocket book and obsession with Ligue 1 players would make you a very rich man.

The "French Revolution" began after Newcastle's Premier League promotion in 2010, as the club signed French winger Hatem Ben Arfa and Ivorian holding midfielder Cheick Tioté. Ben Arfa and Tioté were just two of the 20+ French-speaking players Newcastle signed over the next half-decade.

End Pride Month Right By Checking Out The Greatest Pride Jerseys And Goal Celebration From Brazil

As Pride month comes to an end, there was a moment in Brazil’s second tier I felt was worth highlighting. Vasco da Gama is one of Brazil’s biggest clubs despite being relegated to Brasileirao Serie B last season. The following Vasco da Gama flag celebration definitely falls under the “feel good” category.

On Sunday, the club hosted Brusque in a league game and was all decked out for LGBTQ+ Pride. The corner flags were swapped to the rainbow flags and the home team sported some of the cleanest Pride kits I’ve ever seen.

‘Effort Is Non-Negotiable’ — How Atlético Madrid Defied The Metrics To Win LaLiga

With less than a minute left in the season, Diego Simeone's Atlético Madrid was within touching distance of the league title.

Atlético Madrid had held on to first place in LaLiga for 29 of the previous 30 match weeks and was leading Valladolid 2-1 in a must-win match. Anything less than three points and Atlético's hated crosstown rival Real Madrid would take the title.