Soccer New Years Resolutions That Could Relate To You

Fingers crossed that 2021 will be a much better year than 2020. Although we may still be in the midst of a global pandemic starting the new year, there is no reason we should put our heads down and assume we will have a repeat of 2020. One way to really make sure your new year starts off on a high note is by creating goals and resolutions for yourself. As many resolutions only last the first month or so of the new year, coming up with smaller goals that are more obtainable may be ideal. 

Here are the top 5 goals that could be set for almost anyone.

You’ve Seen More Of These Footballers Than Your Own Family In 2020

The frantic finish to the 2019-20 season, the rejiggered smorgasbord of the new campaign and nine months of quarantine have combined to create an unceasing storm of football on our televisions. In many ways it’s been a godsend; in many ways it’s been an obscene bit of servility to broadcast dollars. What are these absurdly sterile performances — played out in soulless grounds across the world — if not momentary benediction for the promise of better times ahead?

Players Who Are Way Better Or Way Worse Than Their FIFA Counterparts

Over the decades since the first edition was released, EA Sports has crafted the FIFA series into the most realistic soccer video game available. The accuracy with which players are recreated in game highlights the age-old EA Sports motto: “If it’s in the game; it’s in the game.” 

Watching Slovenian Club Celebrate Anniversary With 100 Flares Makes Me Want Flares At American Sports

Spotify Wrapped dropped this month, showing listeners what songs and artists they looked up and listened to the most (my number one artist was Don Toliver if you’re curious). If Google had a similar wrapped project, I guarantee you that “crazy soccer flares” would’ve been in my top 100 searches for all of the past five years.

There’s something about a wall of fire that is exceptionally intimidating to look at. Any time — prior to 2020 that is — I see fans of South American or European clubs ignite their flares and sing rapturous chants I get envious.

The EPL's Penalty Stats This Season Show Just How Warped The Game Has Become

It's no secret that penalties kicks are being awarded more often in the Premier League this year  Bruno Fernandes has already converted 13 of them during his brief time in Manchester, while Raheem Sterling recently became the first Premier Leaguer to win 20 penalties. A variety of factors are likely at play: the incompetence of VAR, players attackin