What Is It Like To Watch El Clasico In Barcelona?

By: Casey Rhine

Ohhhh El Clásico, where to begin. One of soccer's most heated, yet most deeply cherished rivalries.Few of you readers get to experience El Clasico, in Barcelona, while it's happening. This was my mission on December 23rd and should be your mission on May 6th if you are not lucky enough to go to the game in the Camp Nou.

During His Liverpool Prime, Luis Suárez Was The Best Player The Premier League Has Ever Seen

The rise of social media has been incredible for sports fans for a variety reasons, most notably the ability to stir up memories of obscure players randomly making exceptional plays.

This network of nostalgia is great for the soul, but the consequence is that players with a catalog that includes a couple of great goals suddenly become hyped beyond belief — which in turn often causes us to forget truly how great the top players were.

Guardiola: ‘If Neymar Had Stayed, Barcelona Would Have More Champions League Titles’

Pep Guardiola is in pure form. The Manchester City boss was in full flow in the press room ahead of the Champions League semifinals. His team faces Neymar and Kylian Mbappé's PSG on Wednesday, but far from being intimidated by the scenario, the man from Santpedor enjoyed it.

"I've rarely been happier than I am now to travel with this team to Paris and try to do my best in the Champions League," he said at a press conference that left a bunch of headlines.

Andrea Agnelli Está Convencido De Que La Superliga Era Una Súper Buena Idea Para Competirle Al Fortnite

Los presidentes del Real Madrid y de la Juventus de Turín, Florentino Pérez y Andrea Agnelli, continúan tratando de justificar la genialidad de su fallida Superliga. Dentro de sus argumentos, dijeron que los jóvenes ya no tienen interés en el fútbol y que la competencia vendría a competirle a videojuegos como Fortnite o Call of Duty".

Can We Please Talk About How The Proposed Super League Format Is A Carbon Copy Of MLS?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, you're aware of the biggest disgrace in the history of this sport. 12 of Europe’s biggest clubs announced plans to create their own European Super League.

Fans, former players and others vehemently denounced the situation with some seeing the move as the beginning of the end for the sport.

I Hope MLS Expansion Never Ends, Even If Everyone Else Disagrees

As Major League Soccer’s 26th season begins this weekend, a record 27 teams will compete for the MLS Cup. That number will expand to 29 by 2023, with a 30th club in the works. While there are plenty of critics who say expansion is diluting the quality on the pitch and merely enriching current owners’ pockets with expansion fees, I for one want to see MLS expansion continue well beyond 30 teams. If you’re going to go big, go really fucking big. I’m talking 40, 50, 60 teams even.

Europa Nos Recuerda Su Pasado Colonialista En Cada Fecha FIFA

Cada vez que termina una fecha FIFA quedo con una idea zumbando en la cabeza: el odio del fútbol europeo a cualquier torneo de selección que no se juegue dentro de sus fronteras. En Europa, desde su posición dominante en el deporte, detestan la Copa América, la Copa África, las clasificatorias mundialistas y cualquier situación que involucre enviar a sus jugadores extranjeros a sus países de origen.