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Peanut Butter & Jelly Is An Iconic Duo, But Is It As Classic As These Pairings You’ll Find At A Soccer Game?

Everyone loves an iconic duo. America’s greatest sandwich, the PB&J, might just be one of the most synonymous pairings in the history of pairings. It’s honestly hard to try to think of a pair that’s more well-known than the PB&J. 

An exhilarating summer of soccer awaits fans in Japan this summer. Perhaps the biggest sport in the world has a couple of pairings that dare to challenge the iconicity of the PB&J. Here are five pairings at soccer games that you simply can’t avoid.

The Top 5 Reasons We Can’t Wait For The Games This Summer

Every four years, some of soccer’s greatest athletes entertain fans on the world’s biggest stage. This year the National Peanut Board and The18 are teaming up to raise America’s favorite sandwich, the PB&J, to our favorite things about the Games. 

Here are five things we can’t wait to experience this summer as the tournament kicks off in Japan. 

5. Seeing Young Soccer Players On The World’s Biggest Stage

The Best Halftime Snacks To Play Like The Best

You know the cliché: It’s halftime and the soccer moms are bringing out orange slices and juice boxes for the youngsters. That’s so 90s. In the summer of 2021, soccer players young and old want something more to fuel their recovery, whether before, after or during a match. Here are the best halftime snacks to have your team playing like the pros.

Best Halftime Snacks

Apple + Peanut Butter