This Double Step Over Was So Brutal That The Ref Was Forced To Intervene

It doesn’t get anymore ridiculous than this. Stephane Sessegnon, a Benin international currently without a club, was at his brilliant best as a winger during his time with Paris Saint-Germain from 2008-2011. Coming up against Sporting Lisbon, he demonstrated just how brutal he could be on the outside.

When we use euphemisms like “broke his ankles” or “ruined the defender” as journalists, we’re usually delving into sensational hyperbole. The reality of the video is nowhere near the description.

Watch Zinedine Zidane And His Son Wreck Two Freestylers

Zinedine Zidane, apparently, can still dribble the you-know-what out of the ball. Zidane and his son Enzo, a midfielder in Real Madrid's system (who is no slouch himself with the ball at his feet), took on two freestylers in some kind of weird freestyle dribbling game.