Scanning or unbothered? Viral clip shows Lionel Messi walking for 5 minutes straight in loss vs. Charlotte FC

Lionel Messi wasn’t at his usual best in Inter Miami’s last MLS game of the season and fans on social media have found clips of the No. 10 throughout the game that show he might’ve not been amused of playing while already being eliminated from playoff contention.

Viral clip shows Messi walking around the pitch vs. Charlotte FC

Inter Miami travelled to North Carolina this past weekend ahead of the last match of their 2023 MLS Season against Charlotte FC. The closure to a historic season.

Watch: Full Nigerian team celebrates goal by doing Ronaldo's 'SIUUU' celebration

Nigeria’s Enugu Rangers are the latest team to interpret the most famous celebration in the world, and they’ve done so in the most amazing way possible.

Watch: Pitch-invading dog steals soccer ball and embarrasses security with body feints

Yes, another pitch-invading dog video that has made our day.

In a Liga Expansión MX (Mexican second-tier) match between Alebrijes de Oaxaca and Dorados de Sinaloa played in the Estadio Tecnológico last Wednesday, a dog that was apparently too eager to hear the final whistle stormed onto the pitch and won the hearts of the thousands in attendance with its amazing soccer skills.

Professional Czech club sign law student who has never played soccer after father pays club €20,000

Got €20,000 sitting around your house? Well, that might be enough for you to make a professional soccer debut without even knowing how to play the sport. In the Czech Republic, at least.

22-year-old who has never played soccer signs with Czech club after father pays $20,000

Yes, you heard that right.

Martin Podhajský has recently made headlines and went viral on social media after signing for FK Usti nad Labem, a third-tier soccer club in the Czech Republic. However, the conditions of his ‘transfer’ to the club, aren’t that of your normal transfer window signing.

Harry Kane undergoes a personal transformation while eating wings on Hot Ones

Harry Kane has won a trophy — a trophy in the game of life by successfully eating 10 increasingly spicy wings on "Hot Ones" and living to tell the tale.

His people missed a pretty big opportunity to announce a transfer to Bayern Munich while sweating profusely and with tears in his eyes after eating wing #10, so if you're a Tottenham supporter you've got nothing to worry about.

For the rest of you, I know what you've come to see: Harry Kane's facial reactions. 

Wing #1: Classic hot sauce

Milwaukee Professional Soccer Twitter kit contest is a chaotic masterpiece

Should it be Cream or White? Stripes or hoops? Clean and classy or bold and brash? As the city of Milwaukee prepares to welcome its new USL Championship franchise, the club hopes to gain some inspiration from fans so the players look good when they hit the field in 2025. 

For a budding soccer team with no official name, badge, history, or colors, a kit design contest should be pointless, but when given a prompt on June 28, many fans on Twitter took the time to create jerseys that they felt best represented their city. 

What's HotShot? The latest NWSL drinking trend, explained

It's the melt-your-nerves-to-cease-cramp craze that's been taking over the NWSL, but what is HotShot sports drink?

Well, on one hand it's a concoction that's just one viral TikTok challenge away from sending the majority of our nation's youth to the hospital, and on the other it's an instant remedy for athletes struggling with cramp.

Ya es una leyenda online: ¿Por qué al hijo de Phil Foden le dicen El Wey?

El hijo de Phil Foden se ha convertido en toda una leyenda en internet.

Ronnie, de apenas cuatro años, fue uno de los grandes protagonistas de los festejos de Manchester City luego de ganarle la Champions League al Inter. Corriendo por el césped del Olímpico de Estambul, saltando en los vestuarios del estadio o trolleando a Erling Haaland, el niño salió en todas las fotos posibles de las celebraciones.

¿Cómo Julián Araujo se convirtió en el último gran meme del Barcelona?

Julián Araujo se está ganando a la plantilla de FC Barcelona y también a sus aficionados. Todo sin siquiera haber disputado un minuto en cancha. 

¡Sale en todas partes! Julián Araujo, el nuevo meme del Barcelona

¿Cómo es eso? Gran parte del cariño hacia el joven mexicano se expresa en modo meme.

Araujo llegó al Barcelona durante el mercado de pases de invierno, sin embargo un error administrativo del LA Galaxy hizo que su registro llegara 18 segundos fuera de plazo, lo que le ha impedido defender la playera culé.

¡Se prendió la carne asada! El beso ‘de oquis’ entre Juan Pablo Vigón y Sebástian Cordova

Juan Pablo Vigón y Sebástian Córdova protagonizaron un amoroso festejo en el duelo entre Tigres y Monterrey. Y si bien al final fue en vano, de inmediato se transformó en un momento clásico de la Liga MX.

El beso de Vigón y Córdova en el Clásico Regio

El "clásico más pasional del país" empezó caliente y no necesariamente por lo hecho en cancha.

La ida en las semifinales del Clausura 2023 terminó empatada 1-1 y con todo por definirse el próximo sábado en el Estadio BBVA.