The Top 3 Bundesliga Free Kicks Of The Season Are NSFW

The Bundesliga YouTube channel released a video today counting down the top 10 free kicks of the 2017-18 season, and it’s certainly worth a watch if you’ve got five minutes to spare. If not (or if you just want to see the choicest cuts of the bunch), here are the top three free kicks from the video.  

Top 7 Soccer Hype Videos To Revive Your Excitement For The World Cup

Whether it’s a brand image stunt by sports giants like Nike and Adidas or a fan-made video, the beautiful game brings out the naked, truthful human in all of us. These mini-movies, montages of absolute fiction that will make you weep in agony that they’re not real, encapsulate all that is soccer: absolute beauty. Minus Eric Cantona, the dude is practically in every soccer video ever made.

Here are The18’s favorite soccer hype videos. And please, by all means, it’s alright to cry.