Commercial Hints At Possible Antoine Griezmann Transfer

Antoine Griezmann has said his chances of moving to Manchester United are six out of 10. Well, at the 1:04 minute mark in the video below, Griezmann hangs up a call from "Jose".     

15 Signs You're The Ultimate Soccer Mom

Some use “soccer mom” as an insult, but in reality soccer moms are more like super heroes. They always make sure we have our belongings and help us get from place to place on time. Without them, who knows where we would be.

Soccer moms are 100% committed to the job, so shout-out to all the soccer moms (and dads who fulfill this role). We love you!

Partick Thistle Midfielder Ryan Edwards Does Not Star In MTV's "Teen Mom"

Ryan Edwards is a 23-year-old Australian central midfielder who plays for Partick Thistle in the Scottish Premiership and looks like he would be a dynamite extra in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Ryan Edwards is a person who is/was on MTV's Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG and is the ex-boyfriend of someone named "Maci" and the father of someone named "Bentley".

These two people, both named "Ryan Edwards", are not the same person. We just want to make that perfectly clear.

From Football To Fame: 8 Celebrities Who Almost Became Professional Players

We see these celebrities on TV or recognize them from the radio, but you probably didn't know that many of them almost became professional footballers. These eight famous individuals may found success in other areas, but from time-to-time they still lace up their boots and play a game of footie. Keep reading to find out how these celebrities went from football to fame. 

Celebrities Who Almost Played Professional Football

1. Gordon Ramsay

2. Jon Stewart

Could Lionel Messi Leave Barcelona For His Boyhood Club In Argentina?

First things first, people. Lionel Messi is not going anywhere...any time soon, at least.

According to reports from Diario Gol, the Argentinian superstar is pushing for an escape clause in his new contract with FC Barcelona that would allow him to leave for Newell's Old Boys – his boyhood club in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina – presumably sometime in the future. 

Megan Rapinoe's Protest Is Here To Stay

September 15, the USWNT dominated Thailand 9-0 in Columbus, Ohio. It was the first time we saw star player Megan Rapinoe kneel-down as the rest of the players and stadium admired America by standing for the national anthem. Rapinoe did not start in the game against Thailand for reasons that are unknown. This week Rapinoe continued her protest by kneeling during the national anthem before the USA beat the Netherlands 3-1.

South Africa Has More Swag Than Any Other Footballing Nation

The late 19th century to the end of the apartheid era in South Africa saw the rise of townships, urban living areas, built on the periphery of towns and cities. Reserved for non-whites, these sprawling and often underdeveloped slums were contrived as separate living spaces for working class and unemployed black, colored and Indian inhabitants. 

Townships were also referred to as locations or lokasie in Afrikaans. Lokasie gave way to the colloquial term kasi, a word which now encompasses the flavor and distinct style of the townships.