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How The Women's World Cup Works: A Guide For Everyone

In many ways, the Women’s World Cup is a lot like its male counterpart. In many ways, it isn’t. So with the tournament set to arrive this summer in France, we thought we’d explain how the Women's World Cup works in 2019.

The men’s World Cup has been around since 1930, but the women’s World Cup didn’t start until 1991. The men’s World Cup has 32 teams, the women’s just 24. The U.S. sucks at the men’s World Cup; the U.S. dominates at the Women’s World Cup.

When Christine Sinclair And Megan Rapinoe Ruled The College Soccer World

The NCAA women’s soccer tournament kicks off on Tuesday in North Carolina. Personally, every time the College Cup rolls around, I think about one of my biggest regrets from my college days: deciding it was too expensive to buy a ticket to attend the 2005 College Cup, which was walking distance from my dorm room at Texas A&M.

UEFA Drastically Changed The Champions League Format While The World Fought The Super League

The new UEFA men’s Champions League format in 2024 was quietly announced on Tuesday while all the noise from the Super League drama drowned out any other sound. This new format is, well, a little too similar to the Super League for my liking.

Here are all the details you need to know for the new Champions League format starting in three years (for the men’s competition).

José Mourinho Was Sentenced By His Players

In a dressing room like Tottenham's, it's not enough to have the stars on your side. The kind farewells to José Mourinho from Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, Spurs' two best players, don’t mean much if the rest of the squad doesn't follow their example. 

José Mourinho, according to The Times on Wednesday, could have been sentenced by the fears of the board, led by Daniel Levy, that the Portuguese had lost control of the dressing room, and thus compromised the short-term objectives: the Carabao Cup final and the qualification to European competitions next season.

Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming College Cup, The Antithesis Of The Super League

Need a break from all of the European Super League nonsense going on in the soccer world? Then you might be interested in the 2020 NCAA soccer tournament. These inclusive, merit-based men’s and women’s competitions where the athletes don’t receive a dime of monetary compensation are the furthest thing from the Super League you can get in global soccer without going to a local park.

A History Of Breakaway Leagues Across The World Of Sports (Some More Successful Than Others)

In the wake of 12 of Europe's major soccer clubs planning an independent Super League we look at a selection of previous sporting breakaways and how they turned out.

A History Of Breakaway Leagues Across Sports


Late Australian media mogul Kerry Packer changed the face of world cricket in 1977 when he secretly recruited top players for a series of day-night matches for his Channel Nine Australian TV network.

América Y Cruz Azul Se Verán Las Caras En Una Nueva Edición Del Clásico Joven

El próximo sábado 17 de abril los protagonistas del célebre “Clásico Joven” se medirán por el liderato del torneo mexicano. América deberá imponerse si quiere alcanzar el sitial de honor del Campeonato. Por su parte, a la máquina cementera le sirve un empate para conservar el primer lugar. “Clásico Joven” no tan joven, o más clásico que joven. Rivalidad de vieja data, que ensalza la pasión desbordada que en México se tiene por el fútbol.