The Worst Seat In The Prem (And Other Terrible Seats)

Imagine traveling from London to catch your precious Arsenal squad take on Liverpool at Anfield, and when you get to your seat, you realize that you actually don’t have a seat. 

That's what happened to James Vella, a loyal Arsenal fan who took to social media to express his frustrations after he spent £52 on half a seat with no leg room and limited viewing of the pitch. Here is his tweet:

Goat Disrupts A Game Because He Wants To Play Goalie

At The18, we have a thing for animals and soccer. So anytime the beautiful game and some type of creature collide, we’re all over it. This time we venture to the little island of Crete off the coast of Greece. 

Two local teams were playing a game of soccer when a random goat found his way onto the pitch. But this little billy goat wasn’t there just to watch the game. He wanted to play in it. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Filmed An Insane Super Bowl Commercial That Never Ran

Zlatan Ibrahimovic made a Super Bowl commercial for Volvo. Sadly, it didn't run.

The Worst Flop Of All-Time

Embarrassed? Ashamed? Those are two things that Leeds United midfielder Adryan might be feeling after he sees footage from the club's match against Derby County this past weekend. 

The Brazilian, who is on loan from Flamengo to Leeds United, took a light foul on the foot and took acting to a whole new level. The midfielder who has been compared to Kaka proceeded to act like he was receiving electroshock therapy before he flailed himself from the ground into the air like a dolphin to really, really let the referee know he was fouled.

RIP Chivas USA

Chivas USA is no more, but LAFC looks promising.

Animals Playing Soccer. Just As Awesome As You Would Expect.

Soccer is the world's game. And it turns out this means it isn't exclusive to humans alone.

Below, we have found video of different animals that have shown passion for the beautiful game. Each of the animals obviously has their own expertise on the pitch, but which one would you want to have on your squad? 

1. The Net Minder

What If We Flopped In Real Life? (VIDEO)

Flopping in soccer is a part of the game whether we like it or not. A big reason flopping in soccer happens so often is due to how valuable set pieces are and the potential for the referee to card the opponent. Set pieces provide teams with the opportunity to score, and carding an opponent forces them to play with more caution.