Clint Dempsey Got A Red Card In The Funniest Way Possible

Clint Dempsey made a bad night worse for the Seattle Sounders Tuesday. The Sounders finished their US Open Cup match against the Portland Timbers with seven players thanks to an injury after they had used up all their subs, and three red cards. The last, and funniest, of these was given to Dempsey, who, while protesting a red card to a different Sounders player, took the referee's notebook and ripped it up. Although the ref was totally justified in red-carding Dempsey (who now might face a suspension for the incident, which is stupid), points for originality here for Clint.

FIFA, The World's Worst Organization, Has Put Out The World's Worst Movie

Normally when someone says a movie is the worst movie in the history of everything, you'd take a look at Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" and see that it can get worse. This isn't the case with the FIFA propaganda film "United Passions." It somehow manages to be worse than "The Room" and that's saying something.

Don't get me wrong, Tim Roth nails it--he always does--but literally every other part of the movie fails on literally every single level. No, I am not being hyperbolic.

Japanese Ad Attempts To Recreate Maradona. You’ve Got To Watch It Fail.

The Japanese have outdone themselves with this TV spot for the 2015 Copa America in Chile. Is it weird? Absolutely. Racist? Maybe.

This Street Freestyler Never Expected What She Was About To Do

This guy thought he was going to embarrass her like everyone else. It turns out he had another thing coming.

The Singing Announcer: He Sings Cover Songs On Live TV After Goals

Bambino Pons once again proves that Spanish-speaking countries have the best announcers. This one sings "Eye of the Tiger" and it's awesome.

WHAT! These Ladies Completely Fool Arsenal With This Clever Free Kick

For once, “that deserves an Oscar” can be said about something good that happened on the pitch.

VIDEO: Hilarious Ads Prove That Soccer Players Can Dance

Libero Magazine says that if you can play football, make a save or are just a man, you can dance. And they're right.