Master Of Tinder Uses Only Wayne Rooney Tweets

Wayne Rooney is not having a ton of luck with the ladies. Or, rather, Wayne Rooney's Twitter is not having a ton of luck with the ladies. OK, some guy in Tinder using only Wayne Rooney tweets is not having a ton of luck with the ladies. 

We get to watch though, and the results are predictably hilarious. 

Tinder User uses Wayne Rooney Tweets

This Nazi Doll Named Bastian Looks Exactly Like Schweinsteiger

We are not privy to every single one of Manchester United's training sessions, nor are we insiders on the German National Team, but we have not received any reports of Bastian Schweinsteiger goose-stepping across the practice pitch or in any way else insinuating that he is a Nazi. Enter the Bastian Schweinsteiger Nazi doll.

The Keeper Went To Kick The Ball As Usual. He Was Crushed By What He Ended Up Doing.

Este es un clásico gol en tu propia puerta, y es realmente desafortunado que esto suceda. No puedo decirles cuántas veces he visto a un portero ir a recoger un pase trasero sólo para encontrar el balón saltando justo por encima de su pie. Un trozo de hierba o césped es el culpable, y eso casi lo empeora.

Se necesita una increíble cantidad de mala suerte para que un trozo de hierba pateado aterrice en un lugar donde pueda hacer saltar un balón al aire. Si el universo pudiera hablar, susurraría "j*dete" cada vez que ocurra. 

Player Breaks Girlfriend's Wrist With Warm-Up Shot…But She Doesn't Tell Him

Exeter City's David Wheeler owes his girlfriend some flowers and chocolates and other assorted gifts for what happened this weekend before, during and after Exeter's League Two match against Northampton Town. 

Wheeler sent an errant warm-up shot into the stands, where it hit his girlfriend, Alice Woodyatt, breaking her wrist.

Here's the crazy part: she stayed to watch the whole match before going to the doctor.

Epic Goalkeeper Fail Adds To Team's Embarrassment In CONCACAF Champions League

Alan Gordon has a reputation for goals falling into his lap, but this is ridiculous. 

MLS Supporters Are Turning Into Soccer Hooligans

In a classic derby match where rivalry and home pride is all that matters, there is no telling what fans will do to help give their club any extra boost to win the match. New York is new to the whole derby experience, but that doesn’t mean they are short of energy and passion. 

Kolo Toure Is Scared Of Koalas, Among Other Animals

One of the great benefits of preseason tours is players get to learn more about each other and bond before the season starts.

A fantastic, and sometimes hilarious, side-effect of this is the fans get to learn more about the players too, and sometimes we learn more than we ever though we would.

The hilarity of this side-effect was on display during Liverpool's tour of Australia, when defender Kolo Toure revealed he is afraid of animals.

Young Wigan Fan Runs On Field, Takes Corner Kick

The most exciting moment of Wigan Athletic's preseason 1-1 draw at Altrincham didn't occur during actual gameplay.

Wigan defender James Tavernier was about to take a corner when a young fan ran onto the field and stole Tavernier's thunder.

Tavernier's reaction is pretty hilarious.


How Old Is Neymar?

How old is Neymar?

The short answer is 24, but that's the short answer. We're not here for the short answer. We're breaking it down so far that no one will ever wonder how old Neymar is again. You can thank us later.