Twitter Blasted Their New Kits. Watch Their Players Read The Meanest Tweets

The Columbus Crew’s latest away kit has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. Intended to pay homage to the Columbus City Flag, the jersey has been likened to yellow snow (don't eat it!), a printer test page and a neon snow cone. Here’s the breakdown of the kit as detailed by the Crew and kit providers Adidas:

This Horse Wants To Watch A Soccer Game

Look what turned up at this Argentinian fourth division game: a soccer horse.

The 9 Craziest Soccer Questions People Ask Google

Ah, Google. Where any question can be asked and answered in half the time it takes to microwave pizza. If you can think it, dream it, or conceive it, you can Google it. And, thanks to Google’s auto-populating technology, you can see exactly what the people of the world desperately want to know. Which is great and equally ridiculous at the same time. Soccer is no exception. Here are nine mostly ridiculous soccer questions people ask on Google (the answers may surprise you).

World Cup Golden Ball Winner Carli Lloyd Still Can't Get Any Respect

Carli Lloyd can't get no respect. In Starbucks of all places.

We're sure the barista meant no disrespect to the focal point of the USWNT's World Cup-winning attack, but "Nardley" is not a name.

Carli Lloyd vs. The Starbucks Barista

This Team Shot 4 Times In 10 Seconds, Missed Them All, But Still Scored Somehow

Most of the time when you see a team bearing down on goal like Legia Warsaw is about to do in this next video, you expect to be thrilled. The speed of play involved pushes players to their absolute limits. Success is a matter of passing with pinpoint accuracy, maintaining composure, and knowing when to finish.  Anything less results in a wasted opportunity. 

Cuauhtemoc Blanco Sworn In As Mayor Of Cuernavaca

Chinese political revolutionary Mao Zedong once said “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Obviously he was a man fond of frightening his own people with weapons in order to keep his citizens in line. That’s one way of carrying out your duties as an elected official.

Apparently Japanese People Love Ivan Rakitic Because He Looks Like Goku

Barcelona star midfielder Ivan Rakitic was a big hit at the Club World Cup in Japan this month, but not for the reason you might think. Sure, he played well and Barcelona tournament, but the reason fans flocked to Rakitic is because he looks like Goku, the protagonist in the popular anime show "Dragon Ball Z."

Goku is beloved in Japan, and, because of that, now Rakitic is beloved in Japan. 

This Broadcaster Criticized A Ref. He Will Never Do That Again

Here is the synopsis of what happened in a Costa Rican second division game: the announcer at this game was criticizing the ref so the ref stopped the game and had the broadcaster thrown out. Seriously, we did not know the ref even had the power to do this, but obviously this ref is not having any of our crap.

Which Former Footballer Was Just Named Sexiest Man Alive?

David Beckham, formerly known as a pretty good English footballer, is now mostly known for being really good looking. And now he's even more known for that.

Beckham was named People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive," to the surprise of approximately no one. Except for maybe him. Like Derek Zoolander, he evidently feels "there's more to life than being really really, really, ridiculously good-looking."

He Nutmegged A Defender Twice. What He Did Next, Everybody Saw Coming

The triple nutmeg is a rare but vicious beast. If you should encounter one in the wild, give it a safe distance and back away slowly, lest you get nutmegged yourself.

But seriously, Werder Bremen's Zlatko Junuzovic is handing out nutmegs like Santa handing out presents. He did Borussia Dortmund's Sokratis dirty three times in the same run, and left poor Sokratis, who Dortmund have probably cut, or even humanely put down, by now. 

Viewer discretion is advised for this video. Do not watch it if you are squeamish or in any way bothered by nutmegs.