Spanish Team Unveils THIS. Could It Be The Ugliest Jersey Of All Time?

Spanish fourth-division side C.D. Palencia just unveiled their new uniform, and trust us when we say it includes the ugliest jersey of all time.

Don't trust us? Have a look for yourself:

Donald Trump's 'Great Wall' Speech Is An Excellent Ad For The Copa America

“Our country is in serious trouble. We’re having people coming in through the border that are not people that we want,” says Donald Trump in an audio clip from the Republican presidential candidate that’s being used to promote this summer’s Copa America Centenario.

The images and text that go with the audio make the speech, for the first time, seem reasonable. Marcos Rojo, Pablo Zabaleta, Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano are seen disembarking from a plane, presumably landing on American soil for this summer’s tournament. The United States is indeed in serious trouble. 

Footballers As Pokemon

Nintendo's new app "Pokemon Go" has news organizations everywhere using phrases like "sweeping the nation" and "millennials" and we couldn't help but notice that some footballers happen to remind us of Pokemon.

So we made a slideshow of footballers and their Pokemon counterparts.

The Everyday Struggles Of Soccer Players As Sung By Beyonce, Flo Rida And Eminem

SoccerGrlProbs have released a new video through their YouTube channel that perfectly captures the everyday struggles of being a soccer player by using snippets of pop songs. Beyonce, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and many others have their music repurposed in innovative and hilarious ways to illustrate the laborious effort that anyone whose ever played the game will instantly recognize.

Now That We Know Adele's A Spurs Fan, She Wrote "Hello" About Them, Right?

Earlier this week internationally famous singing person Adele threw her support for the Premiership title behind Tottenham Hotspur.

That in and of itself is only sort of newsy, but The18 has learned that Adele's smash hit "Hello" was originally written about Spurs, and we've gotten hold of an exclusive (fake) copy of an early studio take, which we present to you here:

Adele: OK let's get started! Pip pip jiminy crumpets!

This Guy Literally Dances On The Field When He Pulls Off Skills

I’m torn. If I played against South African footballer Thabo Rakhale I would be very angry. I would say things like, “nothing he does has any impact on the game.” I would act like a square white dude, but I would try and lock him down, steal the ball, and make sure his bulls*** never works. I can’t help the way that I am.

But watching him…I want to chant “swag” every time he touches the ball and yell at all the defenders trying to guard him, “THAT’S A BAAAAD MAN.” 

Carlos Vela Maybe Missed Training To Go To A Chris Brown Concert

The adventures of Carlos Vela have taken a potentially serious turn for the worse.


There will be no Internet after this. This is the end of the Internet. The internet has reached its peak, and there is nowhere left to go. It's over. Goodbye Internet.

This is what winning looks like.