Genius Interactive Floor Display Lets Pets (And Kids) Play Virtual Soccer

Ever wanted to play some soccer, but it was snowing outside or you ran out of daylight? Or do you want to keep your pet active while you are away from the house? Well, kids and dogs have it made these days, as they can now play virtual soccer on this interactive floor display. 

What’s an interactive floor display you ask? See below.

These Spanish Kits Will Make You Feel Hungry And Ill At The Same Time

You may remember that we previously wrote about CD Deportivo Leganes and their rather bizarre scratch-and-sniff kit. Now, you're probably thinking that it couldn't get any weirder than that. We have something to show you. 

See, for whatever reason, Spanish lower-league clubs seem to be in some sort of intense competition over who can make the most eye-punishing travesty of a kit. We've made fun of plenty of kits over the years, from all across the world. But the Spanish, well, they're just on another level. 

Watching Wayne Rooney Get Cracked In The Face Is Awesome

Wayne Rooney’s preseason has been priceless. After captaining England to a disastrous showing at Euro 2016, Rooney took a brief vacation before joining Manchester United’s preseason training under new manager Jose Mourinho. His first viral sensation of the new campaign occurred after he was double nutmegged by Memphis Depay and Daley Blind. 

Peruvian Club Attempts A Messi-Suarez Penalty Pass But Fails Spectacularly

Barcelona just make it all look so easy. When Lionel Messi elected to pass when taking a penalty shot last February, Luis Suarez easily capped off the audacious ploy as Barcelona destroyed Celta Vigo. It looked so simple, and everyone around the world wondered why that’s not done more often.

An Own Goal Could've Ruined His Career. How He Responded Was Genius

If you're a goalkeeper, getting scored on is not ideal. Thus, it follows that getting scored on by your own player is even worse. So in theory, the only thing that could be worse than an own goal would be if you physically threw the ball into the net yourself (this is really complex stuff, guys). But that's ridiculous. Nobody does that. Right? Right?!  

Belgium Are Looking For A New Coach. We’ve Submitted Our Application

To say that Marc Wilmots underperformed as Belgium manager at Euro 2016 is akin to saying the USA men’s basketball team was off the pace at the 2006 Olympics or that the Republican Party hasn’t put their best foot forward for the 2016 presidential election. Wilmots screwed the pooch.

Comedian John Oliver Is A Liverpool Fan And He Wants You To Be One Too

Comedian John Oliver, host of HBO's Last Week Tonight, is a huge Liverpool fan. He wants you to be one too. Oliver appeared in a video for LFC championing the Reds before their USA tour officially kicks off. 

Paul Pogba Ended Romelu Lukaku's Life Playing Basketball

Juventus (for now) midfielder Paul Pogba and Everton (for now) striker Romelu Lukaku are in-real-life pals, and while enjoying a post Euros and pre-season vacation in Miami they decided to have a little game of basketball. Nothing could go wrong there, right?

This Goalkeeping Own Goal Is Like A Delightful Joke, It Will Never Leave You

A funny thing happened in Blaine, Minnesota on Wednesday night. In fact, it was hilarious. To get you in the mood for the hilarity, here’s a joke involving Minnesota United goalkeeper Sammy Ndjock, the man who provided the humor.

There’s a fire raging in an apartment building and Minnesota United goalkeeper Sammy Ndjock spots a lady trapped with her baby near the top floor. It’s a precarious situation, and the flames are slowly rising to her position. 

“Here! Throw the baby down to me, I’ll catch it - I’m Minnesota’s No. 1 keeper! I’m a professional goalie!” yells Sammy.

Diego Costa Is Committed To Fighting People At Chelsea

There’s no athlete in the world of sport quite like Diego Costa. On his day, he’s a brutally effective striker who blends determination, power, physicality and a mean goalscoring streak. On that same day, Costa also demonstrates a red hot temper, a clear lack of self-control and a penchant for the absurd.