10 Things Every Soccer Girl Remembers From ‘The Good Old Days’

Do you ever find yourself browsing through old Facebook photos late at night wondering why you chose to post some of the photos you did? I recently came across some old gems from my youth soccer days, and as I tried not to cringe at that chunk of hair I purposely left out of my ponytail I realized some moments from those days are worth remembering. Here are 10 things every soccer girl will *hopefully* remember from the good old days.

If Messi Leaves, Here’s Barcelona’s Sad Boy Starting XI For 2020-21

For so many at Barcelona, the 2019-20 season represented a step too far. In hindsight, changes should’ve certainly happened sooner, but you can’t begrudge footballers for desperately clinging to the Blaugrana shirt (and their lavish contracts), as your career is only on a downward trajectory after playing in front of 100,000 at the Camp Nou.

Everyone — And We Mean Everyone — Is Talking About Messi Leaving Barcelona

It appears Lionel Messi will soon be leaving Barcelona, the only club he’s ever known as a professional. It’s earth-shattering news for the footballing world, akin to Michael Jordan leaving basketball for baseball, the death of Kobe Bryant, Pete Rose being banned from baseball or Lou Gehrig’s retirement.

Eto’o Claims Barcelona Is Nothing Without Messi And Should Change Club Name If He Leaves

Samuel Eto’o has provided his two cents on how important it will be for Barcelona to retain Lionel Messi amid talks of the Little Maestro wanting out. Whispers and rumors of Messi wanting out escalated to the next echelon of transfer rumors when top football journalist Marcelo Bechler said the Argentine wants out this summer.