Why Cristiano Ronaldo Will End Up Back At Manchester United

Unless you’ve been living in a penal colony in the outer reaches of Siberia for the last few days, bereft of internet and with only polar bears to converse with, you’re no doubt fully up-to-speed on the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo has “irreversibly” (his words) decided to leave Real Madrid.

Diego Costa And Antonio Conte Text Break Up Reminiscent Of 6th Grade Romance

We've all seen Diego Costa's crazy antics this season, from driving a John Deere on the training field to stealing cake at halftime from the press conference room. Although it bolstered Chelsea's internet presence, Antonio Conte was ultimately not impressed.

Jose Mourinho's Net Worth And Salary, Explained

Jose Mourinho's net worth has been reported at anywhere from $22 million to $50 million. That is enough to live very comfortably and still never have to work another day in your life, so good for Jose Mourinho for continuing to go about his business even though he doesn't have to. The Special One indeed!

The Case For Marcus Rashford Being Afflicted With Lycanthropy (He’s A Werewolf)

Marcus Rashford has got it. That "it" is the unexplainable quality that makes you standup every time he’s on the ball. He’s going to do something or try something positive, he’s going to take on his defender and it’s going to work. But this season, it just hasn’t come off as often as it should.

Supposedly A Fan Got Into A Champions League Match By Pretending To Be A Wigan Scout

The biggest story of Benfica's 1-0 home win against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League round of 16 was undoubtedly a scout from Wigan Athletic, currently 22nd in the Championship, showing up to take in the contest.

Chicharito reveló por qué dejó el Manchester United

Javier "Chicharito" Hernández finalmente ha salido y ha dicho por qué se fue del Manchester United. No es que no supiéramos ya por qué se fue.

Como era de esperar, Chicharito descubrió que Louis van Gaal era mucho menos fanático que el anterior entrenador Sir Alex Ferguson. Chicharito dijo en una entrevista con la televisión española (citas cedidas por Marca) que van Gaal intentó que se fuera nada más llegar el holandés al Manchester United.