The Greatest Love Stories And Power Couples In Soccer

Many professional footballers today are categorized as "players." Indeed, this classification applies to their skillfulness and playing ability on the soccer field, but it additionally speaks to their charm and game they have with the ladies. It is not uncommon for a pro "player" to have a long list of models and actresses, otherwise known as WAGs, with whom they have had casual hookups and romantic relationships.

Who Is Cristiano Ronaldo's Girlfriend?

Cristiano Ronaldo is widely regarded as the greatest goal scorer of all time — “The King” of football — and as we know, every king needs a queen. Over the years, we’ve been indulged by rumors and stories of Ronaldo's numerous hook-ups, flings and relationships with women. But who is Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend?

Pelé Shows The World It Is Never Too Late To Find True Love

Soccer legend Pelé is widely regarded as the greatest professional footballer who has ever played. With 767 goals from 831 matches, Pelé is the only player in history to have won three World Cups. He has shown the world that anything is possible, which includes finding true love at the age of 75 with Pelé's wife, Marcia Cibele Aoki.

Neymar's Many Incredible Girlfriends Through The Years

In the pantheon of soccer, Neymar Júnior is a God. He is celebrated for his superhuman artistry on the field, as well as his magnetic good looks and star power. So it stands to reason that as is true with other celebrity players like Ronaldo, the list of Neymar's girlfriends, hookups and exes over the years is lengthy and impressive.

Justin Bieber Spotted Balling, But Jesus Christ He’s Wearing Two Different Cleats

The Nike Mercurial boots are designed for those who put the highest onus on explosive acceleration. They’re catered to the game’s speed merchants — think Cristiano Ronaldo or Theo Walcott. The Magistas, on the other hand, are for enhanced control and superior touch. They’re geared towards the midfield engines — like Arturo Vidal or Kevin De Bruyne. 

Zlatan Makes Curious Suggestion On Instagram

Zlatan Ibrahimovic endeared himself to Manchester United fans during the 2016-17 season, scoring 28 goals in 46 appearances. As the season ended and Zlatan’s contract with the Red Devils neared its conclusion, an entrepreneurial United fan took it upon himself to re-sign the Swedish striker, offering up his wife in exchange for Ibrahimovic’s signature.

Did Graham Zusi Steal A $25,000 Unicycle?

Tragedy struck earlier this week when everyone’s favorite basketball halftime entertainment — a unicycle-riding, plate-balancing, bowl-juggling acrobat who goes by Red Panda — lost her custom-built, 7-foot unicycle. Someone took the luggage containing the Red Panda unicycle at the San Francisco airport baggage claim. That someone looks like Graham Zusi.