NBA Plots World Cup-Style Postseason And We’re Into Basketball Now

As major American sports leagues plot their respective paths back to action, they are having to balance the requisite safety measures and local stay-at-home restrictions with the formulation of return-to-play scenarios. 

While over in Europe the mantra is something like “just get it done” due to the nature of how domestic leagues work (no playoffs, relegation), American competitions like the NBA are being forced to get creative due to both time constraints and the hard truth that no one’s interested in watching the Minnesota Timberwolves and Phoenix Sounds do battle right now.

Oh Sweet Baby Jesus What Happened To Aubameyang’s Magnificent Hair?

Premier League players resumed to small-sided training sessions this week in a bid to return to action by June. It was our first look at many of the league’s most popular players in about two months, the country having been on lockdown since football ground to a halt in mid-March. 

A few players emerged from self-isolation looking better than ever. For many, sadly, quarantine did not treat them or their heads kindly, chief among them Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Abby Wambach’s Partner Can’t Decide What’s For Dinner And It’s Destroying Her

Abby Wambach, the greatest goal scorer in U.S. soccer history, knows how you feel. 

She understands the torment you face every day, the agony of decision plaguing couples every single night. The anguish, frustration and heartache over the inability to make one fucking decision.

Abby Wambach is all of us.

Serge Aurier Is That Annoying Friend Of Yours Who Refuses To Social Distance

We all have one of those friends, some of us more than one. 

You know the type: people who ignore rules put in place to protect themselves and others. Whether it’s as benign as using torrents to illegally download the latest show from HBO or as fucked up as saying they’re cool to drive after six beers, there will always be those who believe the rules do not apply to them. 

With No Olympics This Summer, Alex Morgan’s Baby Is Taking Its Sweet Time

Update May 9: Alex Morgan gave birth on May 7. Read all about it here.

It’s a good thing the 2020 Olympics were pushed bacl to 2021, because it would’ve been mighty hard for Alex Morgan to return to playing shape given how long it’s taking her baby to arrive. The latest Alex Morgan baby update showed the USWNT superstar riding her bike while 41 (!) weeks pregnant.

Angel Di Maria’s Wife Went On The Most Epic Anti-Manchester Diatribe You’ll Ever Hear

I think we can now say definitively why Angel Di Maria was such a colossal failure at Manchester United.

Di Maria had four stellar years at Real Madrid, where he developed a reputation for having a rare combination of flair and work rate. He won six trophies with Los Blancos, including the 2014 Champions League.

But after a $73.65 million transfer to Manchester United in 2014, which broke the British transfer record at the time, he fizzled out faster than the dying Manc sun.

Samir Nasri Says Secret To Sevilla Renaissance Was Booze, Nightclubs, Not Doping

Samir Nasri has revealed the remarkable freedom he was given as a Sevilla player by his former coach Jorge Sampaoli, who he said had no problem with the Frenchman going out drinking and to nightclubs as long as he performed on the pitch.

The former France international enjoyed a renaissance with Sevilla under Argentine Sampaoli in the 2016/17 season after spells with Arsenal and Manchester City, leading the team to an unlikely tilt at the Spanish title before they eventually finished fourth.

If Every Rumor Is True, This Is Newcastle United's Starting XI Next Year

As Newcastle United’s takeover by the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia nears completion, we’re hit with a whole myriad of questions: those of the damningly ethical variety vs.

Drive-In Theaters For Soccer? The Pick-Me-Up We All Need

Over the last few days I’ve become obsessed with the idea of bringing the drive-in theater experience to soccer. The move was initially proposed by Danish club FC Midtjylland, which would like to setup big screens outside MCH Arena to allow 2,000 cars (a maximum of 10,000 fans) to come and enjoy a live screening of the match from the safety of their own vehicles.

This is a magical idea. 

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Christian Pulisic

Christian Pulisic might just be the most scrutinized U.S. soccer player of all time. Having moved to Borussia Dortmund at age 16, his career has been well documented and closely followed by American fans eager for a soccer savior. 

But how well do you actually know the 21-year-old Chelsea winger? Here are 10 Christian Pulisic facts you might not know.

10 Christian Pulisic Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

1. His middle name is Mate

Pulisic’s middle name comes from his grandfather, Mate Pulišić, who was born in Croatia.