What Are The Chances Messi Winds Up At Inter Miami?

After Barcelona’s embarrassing 8-2 loss against Bayern Munich in the Championship League quarterfinals, the team has its tail tucked between its legs. And fans are asking themselves: Is Messi headed to Inter Miami FC?

Everyone — And We Mean Everyone — Is Talking About Messi Leaving Barcelona

It appears Lionel Messi will soon be leaving Barcelona, the only club he’s ever known as a professional. It’s earth-shattering news for the footballing world, akin to Michael Jordan leaving basketball for baseball, the death of Kobe Bryant, Pete Rose being banned from baseball or Lou Gehrig’s retirement.

Eto’o Claims Barcelona Is Nothing Without Messi And Should Change Club Name If He Leaves

Samuel Eto’o has provided his two cents on how important it will be for Barcelona to retain Lionel Messi amid talks of the Little Maestro wanting out. Whispers and rumors of Messi wanting out escalated to the next echelon of transfer rumors when top football journalist Marcelo Bechler said the Argentine wants out this summer.

Univision Is Setting Huge Champions League Viewership Records Thanks To CBS All Access

During Bayern Munich’s 8-2 humiliation of Barcelona on Friday, Univision set a Champions League TV ratings record in the U.S. — all thanks to CBS.

If They Don’t Go With Angel City, Here Are Alternatives For L.A.’s New NWSL Team

The NWSL recently announced an expansion team for Los Angeles, California, and fans are going absolutely bonkers. While players and kits have yet to be decided, the new club has dubbed its interim name as Angel City FC — that’s a pretty badass name, and so far, people are loving it.

The marketing video will give you chills.

Deportivo Alavés Changes Its Logo For The 8th Time

LaLiga’s Deportivo Alavés has decided to change its corporate image with a new badge and crest for the club's centenary on January 23. Since 1921, the club has changed its logo a total of eight times. Talk about commitment issues …  

Arsenal Shows Lack Of Leadership On Several Fronts

The Arsenal vs. Aston Villa match on Tuesday was trending — and for several reasons. Arsenal beat Liverpool and Man City in the last week but fell to Aston Villa 1-0. This win for Villa pulled them out of the bottom three.

19-Year-Old Schalke Player Gives Emotional, Heartfelt Apology For ... Wearing The Wrong Shirt

Rivalries in European football are a huge deal and aren’t taken lightly. Schalke teenager Rabbi Matondo learned this lesson the hard way after accidentally wearing a Jadon Sancho Borussia Dortmund jersey during a private training session and posting a picture on social media. The post has since been deleted, but the damage had already been done.

Matondo Dortmund Jersey

Former Dutch Footballer Van Der Vaart Brutally Roasts Harry Maguire For Being Awful

Former Tottenham and Real Madrid midfielder Rafael Van der Vaart can’t seem to get enough of roasting the absolute hell out of Manchester United captain Harry Maguire. The former Dutch footballer took another shot at Maguire ahead of the Red Devils’ matchup with Aston Villa on Thursday.

Van der Vaart has a bone to pick with Maguire’s defending. Most notably when the English defender got nutmegged during Bournemouth’s first goal against Manchester United on July 4.