Former USMNT Star Jermaine Jones Is Reportedly Stalking, Threatening A French Actor With AR-15

Jermaine Jones was a pretty stellar USMNT midfielder for a while. The sound of his strike against Portugal swooshing into the back of the net in the 2014 World Cup ranks as one of my favorite noises of all time, right up there with Fry trying to gnaw his arms off to reach super Slurm and my cat’s purring. 

But Jermaine Jones has been known to have a bit of a temper, and it may have gotten him in trouble with authorities.

Where Will The NWSL Expand To Next? We Look At The Top Contenders

We’re a good chunk into the National Women’s Soccer League off-season, which means speculation and rumors about what the 2019 edition will look like are already in full swing. Though there've been hurdles and uncertainties along the way, things have been so far, so good for the NWSL since it first kicked off in 2013.