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Can We Talk About The New Champions League Ball?

The Champions League has a long history of using uniquely designed balls for the world’s best annual sporting event. With stars taking the place of pentagons, the spheres are immediately recognizable — no other competition has a similar look. But the Champions League ball 2018-19 is something else entirely, taking the concept to a bold new level.

Should Soccer Players Wear Shin Guards?

Soccer players, for whatever reason, generally do not like wearing shin guards. It's weird. Many players go for the smallest possible shin guards in order to maximize unprotected shin surface area. Maybe it's like a weird masculine thing. I don't know.

What I do know is shin guards exist to protect one's shins from harm, and not wearing them is a fool's errand. Getting kicked in the shin hurts more than getting kicked in many other body parts, and soccer provides ample oportunity for getting kicked in the shins. You should wear shin guards so your shins don't get hurt.

Nike Launches New Unbelievable Fast AF Pack

Nike has officially released the new Fast AF pack. Wipe that smile off your face, Fast AF stands for "Audacious Football," obviously.

As you can see, Nike opted to label it's new cleat collection "football" rather than "soccer" in the U.S.  

This has some people wondering whether Nike is trying to change the norm.

The Nike AF pack features three boot models: Hypervenom, Magista Obra II and Tiempo Leged 7.

The 18 Funniest Soccer Gifts You Can Buy Today

Not every gift needs to be good. Not every gift needs to be well-received by its owner. Not every gift needs to make the receiver feel joy and good cheer. Some gifts must enrage the person who gets them, in turn causing the giver to laugh themselves silly. Some gifts must necessarily be bad, because are you really friends with someone if you don't spend every waking second trying to annoy them?

The 18 Best Soccer Gifts For Coaches

Everyone loves getting gifts, and soccer coaches are no exception. Sure, they coach for the love of the game, but everybody likes to be appreciated. Whether it's the holidays, a birthday or the end of a long season, show your coach you care with one of the best soccer gifts for coaches. There's something on this list for every coach at every level, from the most recreational of recreational teams to the most competitive of competitive teams.

The Best Soccer Gifts For Premier League Fans In 2017-2018

The holiday season is one of the busiest times in the Premier League season. Therefore, it's the perfect time to get a Premier League-themed gift for the soccer fan in your life. We at The18 love the Premier League, so we compiled a list of the best Premier League gifts you can buy. There's something for everyone here, from the casual onlooker to the die-hard ultra. 

The 18 Best World Cup Inspired Gift Ideas For 2017-2018

Shopping for someone who becomes animated at the mere mention of next summer's World Cup? Look no further. We've compiled a guide with the best World Cup inspired gifts for fanatics in 2017-2018.

The 18 Best Gifts For Soccer Players (2017-2018 Guide)

Shopping for someone who is constantly trying to improve their game? Look no further. We've compiled a guide of the best gifts for soccer players in 2017-2018 that will take their game to the next level.

Finding The Perfect Low Profile, High Support Ankle Brace

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in soccer, comprising between 16% to 29% of all soccer-specific injuries. In order to prevent a sprain from happening or to bolster sprain-weakened ankles, it's important to have a high quality brace.