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Rival Reviews: We Made This Barcelona Superfan Review A Sergio Ramos Jersey

El Clasico is a match like no other. The passion, love and hate between Real Madrid and Barcelona fans is unrivaled and the two clubs define Spanish football.

But what if a Barcelona fan had to say something nice about Real Madrid? Could he do it?

That was the task assigned to Will for our latest edition of Rival Reviews with World Soccer Shop.

Rival Reviews: A Man United Superfan Reviews His Archrival Team's Jersey

Manchester United and Liverpool have dominated English football for decades. Liverpool was the dominant team for years, only for Sir Alex Ferguson to lead the charge to overtake the Reds as the winningest club in England.

The rivalry runs deep between the country’s two most successful clubs; the North West Derby dwarfs all other derbies in the soccer-mad nation. 

Bring Mo Salah To Life With This Amazing Augmented Reality Experience From adidas

“Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Running down the wing, Salah la-la-la la-ahh; The Egyptian king!”

Or better yet: He’s running down your screen.

Mohamed Salah, one of world soccer’s most exciting players, is as prolific as he is fast. He darts down the wing, cuts inside and scores before most players can tie their shoes.

Now his speed is making the leap to augmented reality, almost literally jumping off your screen to show off his secret weapon: the adidas X.

Adidas Women’s World Cup Kits Look Stunning And Are Tailored To The Female Athlete

When Germany takes to the pitch in Rennes, France, on June 8 to open its Women’s World Cup campaign against China, it’ll do so wearing a jersey that’s synonymous with triumph in German footballing lore. For most, the style evokes memories of Italia ’90, the men’s World Cup where Germany went on to capture its third title in that competition. 

Adidas Promises To Make Messi Even More Unplayable With Release Of Nemeziz 19 Boots

There’s something strikingly refreshing about the way adidas is approaching its Nemeziz franchise, especially before the May 7 release of the Nemeziz 19 boot (which’ll be worn by the likes of Lionel Messi, Roberto Firmino, Bernardo Silva and Isco). In essence, it’s a boot that’s highly self-aware: It’s not trying to be all things to all people, and it’s certainly not an example of drawing an eye-catching design and then simply manufacturing it.

This is a revolution in material, construction and performance.

The Best Soccer Training Equipment For Players (2019 Edition)

When it comes to improving your skills as a player, Allen Iverson said it best: "We talking about practice." No, we don't mean it in the sarcastic way he said it. When it comes to ensuring on-field success during a match, it starts with training the right way during your practice sessions. And to train the right way, you need the right equipment. From goals to rebounders, pinnies to balls, there's no shortage of gear you could spend your money on.

Your 2018-2019 Guide To The Best Soccer Gifts Online

Whether you're reading this during the holiday season, or just before your best friend's birthday, we know why you're here. You've been racking your brain to figure out what on earth you’re going to get that special soccer fan or player in your life — whether that person is a family member, friend, significant other, coach, teacher, boss, estranged lover or mortal enemy. If only there were some sort of guide to the best soccer gifts online to help you find presents for everyone on your list. Oh wait, there is. This is it. 

The 18 Best Soccer Inspired Gifts For Gamers

Shopping for someone who loves video gamers? Look no further. We've compiled a soccer-inspired guide of the best gifts for gamers in 2018-2019 that will take their gaming space to the next level.

Freestyle Legend Jayzinho Shows Off Incredible Touch In The New adidas COPA 19

For months, you've been hearing rumors of a laceless COPA from adidas. Now it's finally here: the world's first-ever laceless leather boot. At an event in Milan, the company unveiled the adidas COPA 19, which is a revolutionary new version of one of the most iconic cleats of all time.