Gear Releases

El Tri Presenta Su Nueva Camiseta De Local

La Selección Mexicana presentó su playera de local 2021, en la cual predomina el color negro. Además, la nueva indumentaria del Tri, también cuenta con detalles de color rosa mexicano. 

When Will The NWSL Release Merch To Retail Stores?

The NWSL has been around since 2012, but has anyone noticed that you can barely find any NWSL gear in stores? As the league is growing and fan bases are expanding, it's about time you're able to walk into a soccer shop or Dick’s Sporting Goods and able to pick out your favorite NWSL jersey or hoodie or even flannel to represent your club. 

NWSL Gives The People What They Want: Flannels And Masks

The National Women’s Soccer League has grown tremendously even through a time of a world shut down. Not only does it supply the world with quality female footballers, but it also gives the people what they want. Flannels and masks have arrived in the NWSL shop and the fans are ecstatic. 

Houston Dash, Dynamo Finally Get Rid Of Generic-Ass Black And White Soccer Ball With Rebrand

The Houston Dash of the NWSL and Dynamo of MLS took a massive step in their club’s history on Tuesday with a rebrand featuring new logos. The new Houston Dynamo logo has strayed far away from the original badge the club donned in its inaugural 2006 season. The Dash logo took a similar approach as well.

Nike Just Released Some Mighty Fine Jerseys For Its Stable Of European Powers

In a strictly sporting sense, the worst part of the pandemic was definitely the postponement of Euro 2020. On the one hand it deprived us of a month-long carnival of joy (the expanded 2016 tourney was thrilling with Wales and Iceland getting out of pocket and Portugal claiming top prize despite winning only one match in regular time), and on the other it reminded us of how dumb it is to host a major international tournament in 12 different countries (Did you ask for this? I didn’t ask for this).

But the countdown is once again on with Euro 2020 Part Deux just 283 days away!