Kevin Trapp Fell Off A Treadmill While Taking Video Of Himself

PSG goalkeeper Kevin Trapp makes his living with coordination. His job is to use his superior coordination to stop soccer balls from going into PSG's net.

His bosses, then, will not be happy to see this video of Trapp looking very uncoordinated on a treadmill. PSG's training staff will not be happy either, to be honest.

How Cigarettes Have Been Stubbed Out Of Professional Football

When Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Marco Verratti was caught smoking while on vacation in Ibiza, the same alarm bells were ringing in everyone’s heads. As a professional footballer, it’s unhealthy, unprofessional and detrimental to both your career and your club. 

As we all know, smoking is detrimental to footballers in every way imaginable, but it’s incredible to see how the perception of this habit has rapidly changed over the last three or four decades in the professional game.

PSG Sign U.S. U-17 MNT Striker Timothy Weah To Three-Year Deal

United States U-17 striker Tim Weah has signed his first professional contract with Paris Saint-Germain, a three-year deal that will keep the player at the club until 2020. 

Tim, like his older brother George Jr. before him, is scrutinized more than your average footballer by virtue of being the son of George Weah, the 1995 Ballon d’Or winner.

Paul Pogba Proclaims Dab Is Dead, Billy Dance Is In

It came straight from Paul Pogba’s mouth

“Dab is Dab, now it’s gone.”

You read it. He's done with Dab.

Pogba’s quintessential move — the best thing to come to European soccer from America since Christian Pulisic — is done with.

In an interview with Esquire, Pogba said he’s moving on to what he’s calling the Billy Dance.

Mario Balotelli Has A New Contract With Nice

Mario Balotelli has extended his stay at Nice for another year. Balotelli, whose career briefly went off the rails at Liverpool, has found a productive home in France, and we're delighted that he's staying there. Mario balotelli is very fun, and he makes soccer much more entertaining when he plays.

Nice announced the new deal on Sunday.

Your Complete Guide To The 2017 Summer Soccer Schedule

Here it is: your complete guide to the 2017 summer soccer schedule. 

For most sports, the offseason is a time of respite. Once the Super Bowl ends in February, NFL teams don’t suit up for another game, scrimmage or otherwise, for six months. Soccer, fortunately, doesn’t abide by such silly rules.

The European soccer season technically ends after the Champions League final around late May or early June, but preseason exhibitions pick up in early July. Then there are also international matches (friendlies and cups) to also fill the void. 

England, France Unite With Britpop

Leave it to the outspoken Noel Gallagher to bring France and England together.

The Oasis front man’s song "Don’t Look Back In Anger" was played prior to the England-France friendly Tuesday in Paris in a show of solidarity between the two nations following the recent terrorist attacks in England. 

Hugo Lloris Made One Of The Most Interesting Mistakes Of The Year

Hugo Lloris might have Attention Deficit Disorder. The France and Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper picked the wrong time to go on a little adventure, knotted 1-1 with Sweden at the end of a World Cup qualifier. He adventured so far out that when he misplaced his pass he was unable to get back to his goal before the ball rolled in. Sad!