Brendan Rogers Is The Most Productive Premier League Manager

Liverpool squeaked by in sixth place at the end of the Premier League season, which secured them the last qualifying spot in the Europa League. Brendan Rodgers has walked a fine line with Liverpool’s Board of Directors of whether or not he will continue to lead the Red’s in the future. Fighting for his job is his number one priority, and with no more Luis Suarez and a limited Daniel Sturridge, Rodgers has a lot of goals to make up for. 

How Fast Is Messi?

Lionel Messi’s game is helped out enormously by his speed. You just don’t score goals like this if you can’t turn on the afterburners and leave a defender or two in the dust. 

That got The18 thinking about things: how fast is Lionel Messi?

Roberto Firmino And Liverpool Just Got The Ronaldinho Seal Of Approval

If you are a Liverpool fan, you should be pretty stoked right now. Your transfer window has gone from about as underwhelming as James Milner at Karaoke Night, to downright exciting, like James Milner at…well, it’s exciting. Just know that. 

Messi Taught Boateng One Lesson To Make Him The Best Defender In The World

Jerome Boateng believed he would beat Barcelona when he walked on the field on the 6th of May, 2015. He was a part of one of the greatest teams in the world, a German machine that had just completed a ludicrous second leg comeback against FC Porto.

Raheem Sterling Transfer Saga: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool have had quite a rough season from start to finish, from Daniel Sturridge’s injury-filled season to barely finishing with a Europa League spot. It seems things couldn't get any worse for the Merseyside outfit, but they are.

The New Face Of Newcastle United

Newcastle United, a club that has faced death head on in the form of relegation multiple times in its Premier League career, stays above the black line yet again to face another year in England’s top flight of football. 

The New 2015-2016 Leaked Premier League Kits

As the new EPL season rolls in with transfers and sponsorship deals, so too do the new kits for the entire Premier League. Before 1993 and the introduction of the modern day league, it was a rare sight to see any club change the color or design of their shirts. Fast forward to today and we see the introduction of three new kits every season, which creates much hype among fans when purchasing their new club's colors. 

Here are the most recent confirmed and leaked kits of the upcoming 2015/16 season:

The Eternal Debate: Who Is Better Gerrard Or Lampard?

With the culmination of the Premier League this season calling time on two of the most enduring figures in British football over the last 15 years as they make their way across the pond, there couldn’t be a better time to open up that old question – Gerrard or Lampard?

The Rise Of Hazard: How A Champions League Win Altered History

An in-depth look at the career of Eden Hazard, starting off with his time at Lille and culminating in his most successful season to date.