Robert Lewandowski Scored 5 Goals In 9 Minutes (WATCH HERE)

Robert Lewandowski has scored 5 straight second half goals in 9 minutes against Wolfsburg. The Bundesliga game was at 1-0, it ended 5-1.

Here are all five of his goals.

Unbelievable. Mind blowing. Amazing. Lewandowski now owns VfB Wolfsburg, or he might as well. 

Video: Sir Alex Ferguson Reveals The Only 4 World Class Players He Had At Manchester United

It's no surprise that Sir Alex Ferguson has a special place in his heart for Ronaldo. After all, the legendary Manchester United skipper brought Cristiano Ronaldo up through the ranks at United and, some would argue, cultivated him in his youth to become the world class player he is today. Ferguson has even gone so far as to say that Ronaldo is, in a nutshell, a better player and asset to a team than Messi.

How To Get Tickets To Premier League Games In London: An Inside Guide

Your flight to Heathrow is arranged. You have packed a primary umbrella, a backup umbrella and an emergency umbrella. You have your Oyster card ready to use on the Tube. Plans have been made to visit a proper chipper (fish and chip shop). I highly recommend Golden Union near Liberty of London. Fantastic! A trip to the British Museum is on the agenda. As are many visits to pubs.

Could The Netherlands Really Miss Out On Euro 2016?

It would be disastrous if the Netherlands didn’t qualify for the UEFA Euro 2016 in France. But, with only two games before the end of qualifying group stages, the Dutch National team sits fourth in their group, trailing Iceland, the Czech Republic and Turkey. What should have been a winnable group and a doable job proved more difficult than expected.

Eden Hazard: I Will Never Score 50 Or 60 Goals Like Messi And Ronaldo

Despite his status as one of the most celebrated young players in the world, Chelsea's Eden Hazard still fights his own mental demons.

In a recent interview with Sport / Foot Magazine, Hazard opened up about what he sees as the difference between him and modern day legends of the game like Messi and Ronaldo:

James Rodriguez Scored A Pair Of Golazos This Weekend

Just in case you forgot how good James Rodriguez is, here's a little reminder.

The baby-faced Colombian attacking mid scored two golazos against Real Betis this weekend.

The first was an absurdly-angled free kick that bent just around the outstretched fingertips of Betis's keeper.

The second  was an overhead kick that must be seen to believe.

Keep up the good work, James.

Mario Balotelli's AC Milan Contract Has A Haircut Stipulation

Mario Balotelli is moving from Liverpool to AC Milan on a season-long loan. This seems like a good deal for the striker, who gets a chance to redeem himself after an awful year in the Premiership. 

Balotelli has a reputation for being a bit of a headcase, and AC Milan were well aware of this when they agreed to take him on. As such, they've included some extra special provisions in Balotelli's contract that probably won't be found anywhere else.

There Is A World Of Hardship, Obscurity And Blazing Passion Hidden In European Soccer

Millions of fans followed the starts of the Premier League and the Bundesliga, and millions more were excited for the season kick-off in Spain and Italy. Soccer season has started and fans are flocking to stadiums once more to see exciting, passionate, and thrilling games. But there is more to soccer than just the major professional leagues. With soccer probably being the most played sport in the world, it is no surprise that nearly every country, small or big, has their own league.

Roma Set To Terminate Ashley Cole Early

Sometimes, you just need to know when to quit while you’re on top. 

For Ashley Cole, this could have been valuable advice when he was entering his last year with Chelsea before signing to Roma. After a long season of awkwardly fitting in with his new Italian club, Roma has decided to terminate Cole’s contract a year early. 

Manchester City's Only Chance Of Stopping Eden Hazard

Chelsea and Manchester City are highlighting matchday two in the Premier League and it will surely be a match not to miss. The two English giants have squads that would make anyone salivate over the sheer power and strength they share. Even the players themselves get nervous lining-up across the field from those who are considered the most elite in the sport, and Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany is looking for any possible way to stop Eden Hazard.