Confirmed Transfers

News Of Chicharito's Transfer Broke Bayer Leverkusen's Website

It's hard to say if Bayer Leverkusen knew they were gong to pick up a heck of a lot more fans after bringing in Mexican striker Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez from Manchester United, but that is what happened.

We can tell that's what happened because when the transfer was announced earlier this week Bayer Leverkusen's website actually crashed.

It seems to us that no team really understands how huge soccer is in Mexico until they bring aboard a Mexican player. Chicharito's transfer announcement garnered more than 50,000 likes on Facebook and more than 15,000 retweets. 

The Most Successful Man In Football (Again) Will Never Play A Single Game This Year.

It is hard to imagine that, in a transfer period that has seen a 19-year-old acquired for €80 million, Angel Di Maria somehow move to a better team, and Arsenal get the keeper that they always needed, that the winner of the 15/16 transfer window won’t play on a single professional pitch this year. He won’t even be in the technical area. As a matter of fact, he could theoretically go an entire year without stepping foot inside a stadium, and still do his job. It would be very hard to actually do that, but knowing the pedigree of this man, I wouldn’t put it beyond him.

Miguel Layun Transfer From Watford To Porto Announced

Mexican international Miguel Layun is headed out of English side Watford to Portuguese club Porto. Layun will reportedly be on a one-year loan deal.

Layun is the second Mexican international to transfer to Porto on deadline day, following Jesus "Tecatito" Corona.

Tecatito Corona Moving To Porto

Dutch club FC Twente have confirmed Mexican winger Jesus "Tecatito" Corona is headed away from the club to Portuguese side FC Porto. 

Tecatito's Porto deal is reported to be for five years. The 22-year-old is one of the more promising young Mexican players right now.

Who Is The Most Expensive Chelsea Transfer Fail Of All Time?

Roman Abramovic didn't become an oligarch by making bad financial decisions; his business savvy, along with shrewd political connections and a healthy moral deficit have allowed him to amass a personal fortune of around $8 billion. 

This Wasted Talent Is Returning Home. Can He Save Himself And His Club?

Everybody loves a good homecoming story, especially when it involves the world’s favorite Italian bad boy, Mario Balotelli. Following a lackluster season at Liverpool, in which Balotelli scored just four goals in all competitions and just one in the Premier League, Balotelli is going back to AC Milan where he enjoyed much goalscoring success.

Carlos Tevez Walked Away From It All. This Video Shows What Pulled Him Away.

When Carlos Tevez announced to the world that he would be returning to Argentina last summer to play for his boyhood club, Boca Juniors, many were surprised. They didn’t understand. He was still just 31, they said, far too young for a man of his ability to walk away from Europe. He was arguably Juventus’ top player in his last season, and now he was going to a club and league in which he would fade into obscurity. 

How This Father Brought His Kids A Moment Of Pure Joy

As much as we like to believe that superstar footballers live lives of fantasy and glamour, constantly doing things that other people would pay to see, that really isn’t the case. All Footballers, including the superstars, have to make sacrifices just like anyone else in pursuit of any other dream. 

Often, this pursuit leads to the sacrifice of a steady home for their family to grow in, and no one takes this harder, or is more affected by it, than kids. 

The Canary Islands Will Reap The Benefits Of Pedro's Transfer To Chelsea

Just off the western coast of Morocco lies a volcanic archipelago known as the Canary Islands. Despite its size, the Spanish-controlled territory has developed a locally based premier division called the Preferente which combines with the fifth division of Spanish football. Local Canary Island club Raqui San Isidro are becoming more popular by the day in the Preferente since Pedro’s transfer from Barcelona to Chelsea. 

Chelsea Officially Sign Pedro. Here's How The Barca Winner Will Fit In.

Chelsea made the long-rumored move official on Wednesday when it made its first major addition of the summer by swooping in to sign winger Pedro for £21M from Barcelona. While the player must still pass his medical, the deal looks like it is officially done.