After Captivating The World, Denmark’s Magical Run Comes To An End

Like Bernie Sanders posted up at a presidential debate, Euro 2020 offered the world a chance to turn into vociferous fans of Denmark. Christian Eriksen’s collapse was numbingly tragic, but the way the Danes responded in the moment and the days after was the sort of archetypal hero story usually only reserved for myths.

A Small Club In Central France Is Developing One Of Europe’s Most Beautiful Stadiums

France’s Clermont Foot is a forward-thinking club. Between 2014 and 2017, the side was managed by the current coach of the women’s national team, Corinne Diacre, making her the first woman to coach a men’s professional team in a competitive match in France.  

After Diacre left to take charge of France, she was replaced by Pascal Gastien. Under Gastien, Clermont finished second in Ligue 2 during the 2020-21 season, achieving promotion to the top division for the first time in its 110-year history.

Chronicling The Strangest Strategies Goalkeepers Employ To Save Penalties

Soccer is unique in so many ways, and perhaps no play in all of sports is more meaningful than the penalty kick. 

Points are more scarce in soccer than they are in any other sport, and no other sport includes one play with such a high percentage chance of scoring.

A game that features 22 players on the pitch is condensed into a one-on-one battle for a few crucial seconds, and in the end, there are only two possible outcomes: either a goal is scored or the ball fails to cross the goal line — with the former being the most likely.

Best Halftime Snacks To Play Like The Best

You know the cliché: It’s halftime and the soccer moms are bringing out orange slices and juice boxes for the youngsters. That’s so 90s. 

In the summer of 2021, soccer players young and old want something more to fuel their recovery, whether before, after or during a match. Here are the best halftime snacks to have your team playing like the pros.

Best Halftime Snacks

Apple + Peanut Butter

Solomon Islands League Produces One Of The Cleanest Volleys This World Has Ever Seen

The Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) is the forgotten child of the soccer world. The only time fans really hear about the OFC is when it sends New Zealand to a World Cup qualifying playoff that it loses nine times out of ten, or the Oceania team that gets sent to the Confederations Cup.

Anyone else remember when poor Tahiti was forced to play Spain, Uruguay and Nigeria at the 2013 Confederations Cup? It takes a special team to finish with a -23 goal differential after three games.

Neymar Makes No Secret Of Who He’s Supporting In Tonight’s Argentina-Colombia Semifinal

RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil forward Neymar said he hopes Argentina will be their opponents in the Copa América final and has no doubts that the hosts would come out on top against their fierce rivals.

Brazil beat Peru 1-0 in Monday's semifinal in Rio de Janeiro thanks to a 35th minute goal from Lucas Paquetá to book their spot in Saturday’s decider at the Maracanã stadium.

The second semifinal between Argentina and Colombia is on Tuesday.

Did You Know That The Stadium Ads We’re Seeing On TV Aren’t Really There?

This is going to be old news for those who are so wise in the ways of science, but for the rest of us who read A Brief History of Time and felt their mind quickly passing the event horizon and falling into a black hole, get ready for a similar experience.

This video from Twitter user @UltraLinx was the genesis for our new way of looking at life, the universe and everything. There’s been a paradigm shift. 

Euro 2020 Shows There’s No Clear Tactical Model For Success

MANCHESTER, England - Four teams head to London for the final week of Euro 2020 and as well as promising close battles, the two semifinals present a fascinating clash of football styles and tactical approaches.

While football has its ideologues, who insist that a particular approach is the right way to play the game, the “final four” are proof that there really is no single formula to success.

After Six-Month Hiatus, Tobin Heath Scores From 30+ Yards Out With Her Second Touch Of The Game

The USWNT defeated Mexico 4-0 during an international friendly in the pouring rain of Hartford, Connecticut on Thursday night to extend the team’s unbeaten streak to 43 games. The matchup was one of two games the U.S. and Mexico will play as a send-off for the Olympics later this month. The USWNT vs Mexico highlights and takeaways include the return of Tobin Heath, Christen Press continuing her insane form and lots and lots of rain.