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Rival Reviews: A Man United Superfan Reviews His Archrival Team's Jersey

Manchester United and Liverpool have dominated English football for decades. Liverpool was the dominant team for years, only for Sir Alex Ferguson to lead the charge to overtake the Reds as the winningest club in England.

The rivalry runs deep between the country’s two most successful clubs; the North West Derby dwarfs all other derbies in the soccer-mad nation. 

There is no love lost between the two, to the point many United fans were actually happy Manchester City won the title in 2019, if only to deny Liverpool the trophy.

So could Ryan, a United devotee complete with a Red Devil tattoo, say something nice about Liverpool’s latest home kit?

We brought Ryan in under the guise of reviewing the latest United jersey, but little did he know we really wanted to see what he had to say about his hated rival’s shirt as part of our Rival Reviews series with World Soccer Shop

We promised Ryan a sparkling new Manchester United kit (the one with the awesome black shield) if he could say something positive about Liverpool’s pin-striped uniform. After some understandable expletives, could he pull himself to do it? Watch the video above to find out.

And to get your own jersey for the upcoming campaign, head on over to World Soccer Shop, which has the world’s biggest selection of jerseys. Click here to find a jersey you love — or even a jersey you hate — to show where your passions lie for the 2019-20 season. 

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