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Virgil Van Dijk Gets Blasted By 8-Year-Old But Gives Right Back To Another

Virgil van Dijk took questions from young kids and gave as good as he got.

Hailed as one of the best defenders in the world right now, Virgil van Dijk is also one of the more likable figures in world soccer. Just don’t tell that to the poor 8-year-old Everton fan he teased in a recent sit-down with some Liverpool U-8 players.

LFC’s stellar social media department released a YouTube video of VVD taking questions from Liverpool youth players in a mostly adorable segment. 

Van Dijk answered questions like “Do you pick your nose?” and “Who smells the most in the team?” in a delightful 6:46 video (embedded above). 

Things got a little awkward when van Dijk was asked how happy he was when Liverpool won the Champions League. VVD responded by asking the kids on either side of him if they were happy too. 

One of the youngsters responded by saying no, and van Dijk quickly picked up on the reason, asking: “Do you support Everton?” The kid nodded yes and the Dutchman’s response was brutal.

“Tough, isn’t it? Must be very tough.”

Van Dijk was probably being sympathetic, but that doesn’t make it any easier for Everton fans, most of whom would probably agree with the sentiment. (The Toffees are currently in the relegation zone and Landon Donovan isn’t coming out of retirement to save them.)

At the end of the interview, van Dijk said to the young Everton fan: “Gonna be a tough year for you again,” with a mix of empathy and perhaps a bit of “Sorry you’re not a fan of winners like me.”

But van Dijk also received a bit of guff himself.

“I’m a bit disappointed, because I was expecting Mo Salah instead of you,” said one soft-spoken child.

Another 8-year-old asked VVD why he’s so good and his response was, “Do you think I’m good?” to which the child shook his head no. 

Check out the full Virgil van Dijk video above because it’s the international break and that’s all the Liverpool content you’re going to get for a while. 

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