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LAFC Proves It’s The Best Team In Los Angeles

LAFC made a stirring debut in Major League Soccer on Sunday, winning 1-0 at Seattle thanks to a beautiful goal from Diego Rossi set up by Carlos Vela. It was a superb piece of play from Bob Bradley’s two designated players and the perfect way to kick off the new franchise. But that win was nothing compared to the recent LA derby victory.

Much of the talk surrounding LAFC’s inaugural season centers on how the other club in L.A. will react. Based on a recent friendly between the two, LAFC is well on its way to being the best in Southern California.

LAFC won’t play an official LA derby until March 31 against the Galaxy. Until then, this small-sided friendly must serve as proof LAFC is the best team in Los Angeles. 

Watching the video above, it's truly incredible stuff from a team just recently put together. LAFC is passing it around LLSFC like they’re Barcelona. They’re finishing with the clinical execution of the German national team. They’re sliding in with tackles like Juventus. The only goal that LAFC gave up probably would have been disallowed had VAR been in place. 

What makes this victory so impressive is that the film crew didn’t even get the score right. You’ll notice a scoreboard on the sideline at one point shows 15-0 and at the end shows 23-1, despite the fact the editors made it appear the score was only 13-1 at the end. LAFC is better than this video gives them credit, and all this came against a former Arsenal coach.

LA Derby

Carlos Vela savoring victory in the LA derby. Photo: @11carlosV | Twitter

LAFC may be off to a strong start in MLS after its season-opening victory, but this year is about more than on-field success — it’s about winning the hearts and minds of Angelenos. This recent victory in an LA derby will go a long way to converting Americans into fans, more than any flat-brimmed cap ever could.

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