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How To Ping A Soccer Ball (Steps + GIFs)

The "ping" ball is one of the most sexy and soothing visuals in the sport of soccer. Here's a quick run through of one of the fundamental skills that every soccer player needs to know. 


More than a chip 

Is this a chip pass? Yes and no. The way I think of it is that a "chip" is more so about the flight of the ball and this ping technique that I'm about to describe is about the form and is used for longer distance passes and can be employed in a more lofted or ground-level manner.  

Key Points

You want to put a backspin on the ball. Once you're able to do that, you can decide the optimal height of the pass with a couple small adjustments to your posture. Although it can be hard when you're just learning a new technique, the number one focus here is to allow your body to relax as you're striking the ball. You simply cannot apply this technique as well without fluidity. 

Okay, so in order to apply this much-needed backspin, your foot needs to strike down on the ball in a chopping motion. Consider these steps for optimal "ping" technique: 

1. Relax. It's going to be okay - no need to be so tense. 

2. Approach the ball at a side on angle. This is vital as your foot won't be able to strike the ball properly if you approach head on.  

3. Point your plant foot in the direction you want the ball to go 

4. Strike down and through the middle of the ball with the knuckle area of your foot and resist a long follow through. Your ankle should be locked the whole way - if you find the ball curving inward then chances are you are allowing your ankle to be too relaxed. Conversely, if you are slicing the ball, consider adding a little more follow through and make sure you are striking the ball in the dead center.

Like learning any new skill/technique, its going to take practice and you won't be able to get it perfectly on the first (or second or third) try. One thing that always helps me is just watching someone do it with proper technique over and over again. Through a strange form of osmosis, this allows the concept and proper technique to sort of just seep into your body. If that sounds appealing to you, consider watching this gif with this beautiful Rocky Mountain backdrop for a bit. 


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