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UEFA Rips Off Game Of Thrones Intro For Euro 2020 Promo And We Love It

Euro 2020 will be an historic tournament. With 12 cities in 12 countries hosting matches, the 60th anniversary event will be a romantic show of how football brings the world together. 

When it comes to bringing the world together, the only thing that might compare to soccer is Game of Thrones. The HBO show, which debuts the final season on Sunday, brings fans of beheading, incest and dragons together to borrow their parents’ HBO passwords like nothing else in the world.

So leave it to UEFA to combine Euro 2020 and Game of Thrones with an awesome promotional video released Saturday that more or less rips off the Game of Thrones intro. 

Now, we’re not showing you (above and below) the actual UEFA video, because Europe’s football governing body for some reason doesn’t want anyone watching its YouTube videos on any site but the (You can view the actual video here). 

Instead, we’re going to just show you what you want to see, the UEFA Euro 2020 promo video with the Game of Thrones intro theme song dubbed over it. 

For comparison’s sake, here’s the actual Game of Thrones intro, in case it’s been too long (it has) since the last time you watched the show. 

Euro 2020 will be fascinating to watch. Matches will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan; Brussels, Belgium; Copenhagen, Denmark; London, England; Munich, Germany; Budapest, Hungary; Rome, Italy; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Dublin, Ireland; Bucharest, Romania; Saint Petersburg, Russia; Glasgow, Scotland and Bilbao Spain. Places like Azerbaijan, Hungary and Scotland would probably never get a chance to host a major international competition like this without spreading the hosting rights across the continent. 

The final season of Game of Thrones will be equally fascinating. Except Jaime Lannister already spilled the beans on how it will end: Leeds United coach Marcelo Bielsa wins.

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