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The Ultimate Horror Movie Starting XI

When it comes to the world of entertainment, movies, video games and soccer are all near and dear to our hearts. With the release of Alien: Covenant, the Friday the 13th video game and Saturday's Champions League final, we naturally had the idea of creating a starting XI that consists of horror movie icons.

The Starting XI of Horror Movie Icons

The best formation for this squad would be a simple 4-4-2. The reason behind this is the fact that anything else would probably confuse our players. Along with the simplicity of the formation, the 4-4-2 allows the team to have enough defensive depth to withstand any attack, but it also gives the team the ability to counterattack, and this team likes to attack.

Let's take a closer look at our squad.

Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) | Striker
Freddy Krueger
@TokenSully | Twitter

Freddy Krueger would give defenders nightmares.


  1. Uses opponent's fears against them
  2. Lengthy and lethal finishing ability
Ghostface (Scream) | Striker
@BiggestBoyBarb | Twitter

Ghostface has a tendency to drift in and out of matches, but he's a fine finisher.


  1. Quick and agile
  2. Strikes when the opponent least expects it


Chucky (Child's Play) | Left Midfield
@mala007kk | Twitter

Wing play is child's play for Chucky.


  1. Crafty, uses trickery and small size
  2. Gets into the heads of the opponents easily
Cujo (Cujo) | Center Midfield
Jason Sechrest | @jasonsechrest

Cujo is a beast in the center of the park.


  1. Large, good at patrolling midfield
  2. Forces opponents into mistakes
Michael Myers (Halloween) | Center Midfield
Michael Myers
@ItzRuen | Twitter

Michael Myers would be a tough opponent to get by, although he can only walk.


  1. Large frame, and is somehow agile enough to keep up with opponents (although he only walks)
  2. Shows up out of nowhere to gain an advantage
Regan MacNeil (The Exorcist) | Right Midfield
Regan MacLein
@AnggeNiOppa | Twitter

Oh god, no!


  1. Head turns in multiple directions
  2. Communicates well with teammates


Pennywise (IT) | Left Back
@WightBlood | Twitter

Why is the left back always a clown?


  1. Everyone is terrified of clowns
  2. Turns into opponents worst fears
Frankenstein's Monster (Frankenstein) | Center Back
Frankenstein's Monster
@oldhollywood21 | Twitter

Slow, clumsy but obstinate defender.


  1. Superior frame and strength
  2. Adaptability and tenacious desire to harm those that wronged him
Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) | Center Back
Jason Voorhees
@SlasherOfHorror | Twitter

Jason is a rock in the heart of defense.


  1. Very large and in charge
  2. Shows up at opportune moments (big game player) 
Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) | Right Back
@DailyHorror | Twitter

FC Dallas or the Houston Dynamo might want to sign this guy.


  1. Has a chainsaw
  2. Terrifies opponents
Xenomorph (Alien) | Goalkeeper
@theskinnymag | Twitter

The xenomorph would cause a mess, but he'd keep clean sheets.


  1. Agile, quick, could stop shots with arms, tail, tongue.
  2. Ability to crawl and dangle on all surfaces

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